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Summer lovin . . .

With summer in full swing I thought I would share with you some things I am loving this summer with my girls . . . 

We have had this Jewel CD on repeat since the beginning of June . . . it is perfect for the car or playing out back because the songs are funny and have great stories and parents love it because it is Jewel's fantastic bluesy voice! "Sammy the Spider" is a household favorite!!! I catch myself singing it without the girls around . . .

These floaties are awesome and come in lots of different colors and animals designs!! My mum found them when their pool was finished being built and I honestly have not found anything else like them.  We tried the life-vests, the swimsuits with the floaties in them, the float armbands, the rings and all of them left me still terrified to blink when my girls were in the pool BUT these beauties are the BOMB!! (They are also US Coast Guard-approved when worn on boats)

Since the girls are in the water almost everyday this summer I am loving this new "wet" sunscreen from Neutrogena. It does not smear or run off like other sunscreens when you are putting it on wet squirmy little bodies!

I also love sun-sticks for my girls faces because lotion ALWAYS gets in their eyes and then there are always tears shed which makes it worse!!! These little sticks take all that away! (Neutrogena has one too) 

Have a Fab Weekend!!!

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