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To 3 or not to 3?

That is the question!

We are on the fence about having another baby! Wait! I should probably say "I" am on the fence, as Mr. Hotpants is pretty much a YES! Which I secretly love : ) 

I am so torn between an emotional decision and a logical decision . . . . 

Emotionally I want another baby.  Something inside me, deep inside me, feels incomplete, not finished.  I know it is hell hard when they are little  but I want to have a house full of kids and their friends at Prom time, I want to have big family vacations and feasts on Thanksgiving and Christmas.   I want to have a busy bustling house and I just feel I have more love to give . . . I am one of three and I always felt I had someone around to play with, to talk, to and I still feel that way today.  Sometimes I think 2 might be lonely. . . 

Logically I like the fact that I have my body back, I don't want a 3rd c-section, a 3rd bout with postpartum depression, I am excited that in a year or so the girls will be at the perfect age to start traveling, I like only having to have a car for 4 people, we are not outnumbered with 2 babes, it is expensive to have more . . . yada yada yada . . . 

So what are your thoughts peeps?  I'd love your opinion and thoughts especially if you have your own brood!!

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  1. Our 3rd is now 6 months old. He's an utter joy and is such a special addition to our family ..... Do it! 3's super!!


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