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Happy Long Weekend

We have a fun weekend that will be filled with pools, the beach, Disneyland, granma & grandpa and papa!!!

Have a fantastic time . . . I get to spend my days with these three beauties . . . 

Turquoise, yellow & black oh My!

I love Nicole Richie . . . . first of all she cracks me up (here), secondly her fashion is unstoppable, and thirdly look at her decor!!! Love love love her backyard featured here

She does it again!

The Emerson Fry Fall preview is Amaze-balls!!!!!  I want everything!  I love how everything fits together like a uniform . . you can mix and match all her pieces and have a perfect fall wardrobe! Can't she do a budget-friendly Target line soon!! lol

I love her "interior life" pieces . . . that kimono and that chemise!!!

Kids know more than we do . . .

This filled my heart to the brim today . . . I want to see the world through my children eyes because it is so much more fun! simple, easy and clear.

Life lessons from children's to-do-lists . . . 

Happy Weekend

Never had so much fun cleaning out my closet before! Hope my weekend is filled with more fun like this!!! Have a great one!

Reaching my Threshold

The Threshold Collection at Target is killing it!  Seriously love the collection and everything is so affordable! Check out some of my fav's . . .

Dreaming of being here . . .

On this Monday morning I would rather be laying here . . . wouldn't you?

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