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feeling poopy

I have been feeling really lethargic and yucky lately . . . lots of headaches that linger and just a general feeling of being "hungover" (without the fun of the party the night before) . . . And I have been eating right, exercising, drinking my water, etc . . . . So I decided to go to my holistic Dr. (aka my bestie Ms. King) and she told me to try B vitamins (we are both vegetarians and usually have to watch Vit B, iron and protein) . . . I picked up these little "happy pills" at Trader Joe's and WOW have they made a difference! And because they dissolve in your mouth it was almost an instant fix!

So if you are feeling crappy, check on your vitamins peeps . . . low Vit B, Vit D, iron . . . they can all make you feel crappy!

Have a Fantabulous Weekend

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