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In the works

In our condo we only had enough room for a queen bed but in the new house we can easily have a King or Cal King, but as you all know furnishing a house takes a LONG time and lots of $$.  I didn't really think getting a bigger bed would be that expensive but then I remembered that it is not just the mattress but a new frame, all new linens, etc . . . . and all of a sudden it turns into a huge budget! 

So since we would rather have a new sectional in the family room and a new dining table in the kitchen first, the master King bed will have to wait.  In the meantime I am going to use what we have and make some changes.  

The color palette is peacock blue, white, with splashes of greens and coral, oh and gold accents duh! Our current bed frame is an ivory/cream upholstered platform bed .... almost exactly like this one:

But since I am going with white, the bed frame just looks dirty!  So my Super Mum and I were thinking of covering the entire frame in either a plain white linen-like fabric or something crazier like this:

I am thinking of ordering this linen duvet cover from H & M Home!

Some of these pillows:

And I am ordering these pulls for the bedside tables . . . . 

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