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She does it again!

The Emerson Fry Fall preview is Amaze-balls!!!!!  I want everything!  I love how everything fits together like a uniform . . you can mix and match all her pieces and have a perfect fall wardrobe! Can't she do a budget-friendly Target line soon!! lol

I love her "interior life" pieces . . . that kimono and that chemise!!!


  1. Love your expression! Amaze balls - that's a Zooey Dechanel one too, when is New Girl coming on again, I miss her! That Emerson always gets it right - how does she do that? Her models are just spot on and her lines are classic but not fuddy duddy, am obsessed like everyone else - have you ever ordered one of her things (oooh and I've been looking for a white sweater too)

    1. I have a pair of her pants and a pair of her wide-legged jeans .... love them both!


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