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I just had to . . .

this was just too perfect; I had to share 

Fall closet

Sorry for the lack of posts lately . . . . just getting through some croup, late-night-puke sessions, a blow out on the freeway (tire not diaper, although that could be equally as dangerous!) and a TON going on at work.  

On a lighter note we have gotten some lower temps here in Cali and it has lingered on a feeling of Fall for a few days . . . . which gets me thinking of pumpkins, cloves, chai, cozy fires and yes! my closet.

The other day I found another staple Fall buy that I had on my list . . .  found on sale here.
They haven't arrived yet so I will post picks and let you know how they fit when I get them

I also just bought a few yards of this baby (the green "Swaying Palms" fabric) and have a few ideas for where to use it.  I have been making a few changes to the house, and have decorated some for Halloween and I will post pics soon . . . I promise

Just watch

This doesn't need any words the story is universal . . . . please share

OOTD - Friday!!

Hip hip hooray it's Friday . . . this week has been long and brutal.  Both our girlies have had fevers and now have croup and boy am I tired!  The last few nights have been so loooooong with 2am walks in the cold air (helps croup), 3am steam showers and 4am re-runs of Peppa Pig . . . 

I plan on being a homebody this weekend, all I want to do is prep everything for next week (food, lunches, make my juice, etc) then I want to re-arrange our furniture and toss some things out! .... oh and watch movies : )

Last week I was at Old Navy and I picked up this great cozy sweatshirt; I love it and it is on sale today . . .

Levi jeans from eBay ($7), Old Navy sweatshirt, Nine West heels (here)

While I was there I could not help myself get the girls some Fall clothes . . . I picked up a few things for them.  They have so many cute things for boys and girls and alot of it is on sale right now, so run mamas!

I got for little Ms. H as she has had a slight fascination with Dora recently . . . 

I got these for the girls . . . they LOVE them (glow-in-the-dark!!) . . . . I love the black ones below too! Get these now as they sell out FAST . . . I was too late last year so I bought them as soon as I saw them this year : )

 I love this little dress . . . got one for each of them.  Perfect with tights or leggings

 Do these come in my size!!!

Now that School is back in . . .

I want a uniform.  I want to have two or three easy go-to uniforms for the Fall . . . I'm thinking I like these . . 

1. Skinny jeans, pumps, tee, jacket or cardigan 

 2. Leggings (vegan leather or fabric), boots, and sweater 

3. Maxi skirts (or dress) with chunky sweaters

To kick start my uniforms I bought this little jacket.  I think I will get a lot of use out of it!

My Anonymous Commenter . . .

Morning Peeps . . . Feast your eyes on this lovely comment I received yesterday.

"Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Am I a Grown-Up? Part 1": I have commented here before and it was deleted just like I'm sure this will be. It's easy to dismiss someone as a bitch instead of actually hearing what they have to say.

Selling a condo and having children does not make you an adult. This should be obvious to you, but being a grown up is about your actions not your age. To me it's sad that you actually think of yourself that way. I don't know why it struck a chord but I think it iss because you seem so lost. All of your quotes about how to live and be kind are so clearly you trying to convince yourself of something that is difficult for you. This is the least genuine blog I follow and I don't know why I keep reading it. It's a guilty pleasure I guess. You seem like an ok person who would like her kids to be happy. But I also get the feeling you're the kind of person wo couldn't be real enough with herself to even benefit from therapy. It's not your fault. So many GIRLS your age are the same way. But you are not a grown up and are in no position to dispense advice. Get your ego in check and learn how to be real. You had one great post about your failings that brought me hhere but everything else has been straight out of the world of goop. THAT IS NOT A COMPLIMENT."

Dear Anonymous,

I want to start by saying how fitting it is that this is a comment left on a post I wrote about people being nasty, being bullies and spreading negativity . . . you helped me demonstrate my point exactly, so for that I Thank You.

It has allowed me to see that there are truly beautiful people out there. Ones that would recognize, what you consider to be, a "lost" person and instead of reaching out to them or sending thoughts of support and love, you tear them down, demean them and try to hurt them.  

You clearly are an exemplary human being!  I commend you for being so honest and true to yourself, although you continue to write these uplifting comments as "anonymous"; very brave of you.  And your enjoyment of peoples "failures" is quite a nice characteristic; you must be a delightful person to be around. 

On another note I have been to therapy many times throughout my life; I enjoy it, I believe in the power of it and I recommend everyone try it.  If you are in therapy, however, my advice to you (and I know how much you appreciate my advice) would be to fire your therapist and find a new one, because it is clearly not working for you.

Your favorite blogger,
Glitter & Gold 

P.S. - Please do keep following my blog because I will surely be posting more "quotes about how to live and be kind" and who knows one day they may just sink in . . . 

I leave my final words to a legend . . . hope you enjoy 

Am I a Grown-Up? Part 1

Is this what it is to be "grown-up?"  

It's funny I remember being 8, 14, 17, 22, 28 thinking "I wonder what its going to feel like when I am all grown-up?" and you know I kept asking myself that until yesterday and then I was like "Oh!!! this is what it is like to feel grown-up!" 

I just feel as though we are facing some large challenges, not bad, just each one is requiring a lot of deliberation, discussing, planning and it is the first time I have felt like"yeah . . . this is some grown-up sh*t"lol

Not to throw all my stuff at you, but blogging about the things going on in my life is like 'free" therapy and I always go back to the fact that I want to share so as people can relate and feel as though there are others out there going through this life journey with some of the same ups and downs!  (I made this into a two part post because I just had so much to share . . . feel free to skip to the fashion posts if you need to : )

1. We have decided to sell our condo in Santa Monica.  Bittersweet  . . . thought we may have it forever but the market has shot back up (it was underwater last year) and things are selling pretty fast if they are priced right!  We have always said that if we can just break even and walk away paying nothing we would be so happy . . . so here's to that theory although maybe, just maybe we might make a small-ish profit! Along with this decision comes a landslide of work - you see it gets complicated; we have renters, we need to show the place with renters in it, we need to get our renters to leave, we need to do all of this in a short period of time because the period for selling at this time of year is narrowing, nothing really sells between Nov-Feb! So the next few weeks will be craaazy!

 Santa Monica Pier

2. Our baby girl, little Ms. Em, has started asking some big questions of us - life, death, God, and is starting to have those yucky things happen at preschool (first of all Preschool!! really? people they are still little!!!) like "so and so said they didn't like me and doesn't want to play with me," and "they were mean to me and were laughing at me because I didn't have fruit snacks in my lunch!" and I can see in her little eyes and her sweet little face that she is trying to figure it all out and doesn't understand . . . . and Wow! How is she supposed to? I mean I don't have it figured out, I can't understand why people are mean and say hurtful things, even as an adult.  It takes all I have not to come out swinging.  I have been thinking alot about how to explain things to her; those things that are just unfair, that won't go away EVER . . . I found two books that I absolutely have to share because they made me feel so much better and if everyone in the world read these 2 children's books and lived by them . . . there would be no war's or bully's or meanies . . . (here and here)

The other day we were driving and listening to Christina's new song "Let there be Love" and all of a sudden little Ms. Em said "mummy, mummy turn it down for a minute!" and then she single-handedly broke my heart and made it swell all at the same time by saying this . . . "you know next time someone says they don't like me or don't want to play with me, I should just say to them "let there be love" . . . 

what can you say to that . . . she hurts but she gets it . . . she loves with her whole little body

teach your children love, acceptance and more love, more importantly SHOW them love, acceptance and more love everyday in everything you do.  

Let there be love

Safety First

I am not sure about you guys but my girls have a few cars that they ride in, with car-seats, very frequently.  They have car-seats in our cars, our nannies and my mums (Granma's) car . . . . and I got to thinking the other day that if there was ever an accident and for some reason whoever was driving was not able to respond or answer questions, how would they know who to contact regarding our girls? I mean the driver will have a drivers license but my girls have no ID on them ..... so I came up with my own solution!  

Luggage tags! 

I bought a pack of these, in the bright blue so they are easy to see and I needed 7 of them and this was a set of 10!  I printed out all the information I thought someone might need in case of an emergency and have attached them to each car-seat in our nannies car, our car and my mums car! 

The info I included:
  • Girls name
  • Date of Birth
  • Pediatricians name and Number 
  • My number, Mr. Hotpants number, Granmas number, papa's number and my sisters number 
  • ViaCord Blood Bank number
  • Medical Ins Name and Group number 
  • Any allergies 
  • Home Address 
  • A little personal info so as they could ask the girls some questions (We have a dog named Lucy Sue and  she has a big/little sister named ____)
Easy peasy and peace of mind for me!

Right on Target

I have NEVER really cared for much of the designer lines that Target have released in their Fashion dept (impressed with some of the Home decor lines though!) . . . they always seem to lack the class and sophistication of the designers mainstream line . . . until now! 

I am dying to see the 3.1 Phillip Lim line on Sept 15th . . . I mean seriously this stuff looks amazing! I adore the color palette and how all the pieces can be mixed and matched!  I definitely want to snatch up one of the bags because I have always loved the lines and structure of his bags!

 love the shape and color of this one

 This blue color is perfect for Fall . . . love it!

 I love love love this print!

 I want this PJ set for sure!!!
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