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Fall closet

Sorry for the lack of posts lately . . . . just getting through some croup, late-night-puke sessions, a blow out on the freeway (tire not diaper, although that could be equally as dangerous!) and a TON going on at work.  

On a lighter note we have gotten some lower temps here in Cali and it has lingered on a feeling of Fall for a few days . . . . which gets me thinking of pumpkins, cloves, chai, cozy fires and yes! my closet.

The other day I found another staple Fall buy that I had on my list . . .  found on sale here.
They haven't arrived yet so I will post picks and let you know how they fit when I get them

I also just bought a few yards of this baby (the green "Swaying Palms" fabric) and have a few ideas for where to use it.  I have been making a few changes to the house, and have decorated some for Halloween and I will post pics soon . . . I promise

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