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New additions - 1yr later

Going from a 1000sq ft condo to a 2800sq ft house with vaulted ceilings and an open flowing floor plan has been tough to decorate . . . not for lack of ideas and wishlists but on the budget, but finally we came into some luck (and love) and found a few items that not only had I been looking for but ones that miraculously were "perfect" in ways I didn't even know . . . 

We had a small glass-top dining table that my mum gave me 12 years ago!  It was perfect for all my LA apartments and our condo but this house had a huge dining space to be filled and I always hated the way a wine-glass sounds when you set it down on a glass table (although glass table has been great for markers, crayons, paint - wipes right off!!!) 

So enter "my precious" . . . . found her at a consignment store for $399 and she extends to almost 10ft!!! I can fit about 14 people around it (16 if we do a bench!) . . . 

This is her with only one extension leaf in . . . and our old chairs. She is everything opposite of what I thought I wanted (I wanted distressed, beat-up, dark farmhouse table!) . . . But it was the curve of her legs that kept me going back to look at her . . . has an art deco feel to me.

The color is also perfect . . . it compliments the wood floors and does not match or compete with it! And it is solid! very well made and was barely used! Win, win, win

I am thinking of doing some wing-back chairs at the ends and maybe a bench on one side (perfect for all the kiddos who end up at our abode) and maybe some fun chiavari chairs painted a bright color for the other side!

Next you might remember my living room looking like this . . . . 

and now it looks like this  . . . 

We knew we wanted a sectional and a large cozy one at that! We have a fireplace in this room and we wanted to be able to snuggle up and do movie nights with the girls and have football game fun in the Fall . . . . but we needed one that was 12ft + and it just was not in the budget to spend 4-5K right now on this . . . so enter "Big Bertha" from the same consignment store!  

She is perfect in every way! She is long enough for the room, the material is almost like a velvet and super soft, the color is, what little Ms. Em calls "elephant grey," and the depth of the seat is deep so you sink into it!!! Now I just need me some throw pillows!!!!!

Now the furniture that was in this room is pretty much a mess and needs recovering but in the meantime we put it in the big family room for now and I love how it fills the space . . . it's is starting to feel "homey"up in here . . . (those are the pillows from the office that I stole to see how pink worked in this room and I love it!!!)


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