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Safety First

I am not sure about you guys but my girls have a few cars that they ride in, with car-seats, very frequently.  They have car-seats in our cars, our nannies and my mums (Granma's) car . . . . and I got to thinking the other day that if there was ever an accident and for some reason whoever was driving was not able to respond or answer questions, how would they know who to contact regarding our girls? I mean the driver will have a drivers license but my girls have no ID on them ..... so I came up with my own solution!  

Luggage tags! 

I bought a pack of these, in the bright blue so they are easy to see and I needed 7 of them and this was a set of 10!  I printed out all the information I thought someone might need in case of an emergency and have attached them to each car-seat in our nannies car, our car and my mums car! 

The info I included:
  • Girls name
  • Date of Birth
  • Pediatricians name and Number 
  • My number, Mr. Hotpants number, Granmas number, papa's number and my sisters number 
  • ViaCord Blood Bank number
  • Medical Ins Name and Group number 
  • Any allergies 
  • Home Address 
  • A little personal info so as they could ask the girls some questions (We have a dog named Lucy Sue and  she has a big/little sister named ____)
Easy peasy and peace of mind for me!

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