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popping in today

Hi peeps . . . . We have a busy week this week so this will be short and sweet.  We went to Disneyland last night for a few hours after work and it was a blast as usual ...had two little wishing-to-be Ariel's fast asleep in their car-seats on the way home. We are going "trick-or-treating" on Thursday night at a great downtown area where they close of the streets and all the stores give out candy and we get to have a glass of bubbly while doing so!  

Then we are having a little Halloween party at our house for all the cousins on Saturday . . . so excited! I want to make this an annual tradition at our house . . . there will be bobbing for apples, a pumpkin decorating table, a spooky mask making table and tons of fun delicious Halloween treats and games! Sunday we have our Fall family photo shoot with my all-time favorite photographer (and fellow mama of 2 beautiful baby girls) Jylare.  I am excited because we are trying a new location;  a park with a huge orange hot air balloon, a carousel and open grass fields! I think these are going to come back awesome!

And because you NEED to know about my amazing new shoes here is an outfit post from today!

 Pleione blouse (old but more here), J Brand 910 skinnies (scored mine "new" on eBay for $20), F21 heels

they are amazing! Dead ringer for these Rick Owen ones I have been lusting over 
(on sale here)

Some fab finds

I was looking on the F21 website over the weekend and found so many things I fell in love with that look exactly like the high end knits & jackets that are out there right now.  If I lived in a colder climate I would probably invest in some great jackets and knits but being in SoCal makes it hard to commit to expensive "winter" clothes seen as there have been some Christmas's that have been in the 90's temperature wise!

I adore these booties . . . this red/burgundy color!

I want to be at that table!

What a fun table to be at!!! Look at these ladies; Nicole Richie, Jennifer Meyers, Rachel Zoe, Gwen Stefani, Courtney Cox!

Friday love . . .

It's finally Friday . . . . I am tired but excited to have some family time and do some projects around the house! My mum is finally home from 2 weeks in Maui . . . and I am so happy because I need my haircut! . . .

E X A C T L Y like this mum (mum is a hairdresser!). . . (via the insanely great blog, could i have that)

Just a few pic's of outfits lately . . . .
Old Navy pants, DIY gold-tipped Steve Madden heels, Patterson Kincaid blouse (few years old but a fav) and F21 gold chunky necklace (similar)

H&M knit dress from a few years ago that I cut into a sweater, Nine West leopard pumps, vintage boys Levi's from eBay ($7), Kate Spade locket (don't mind the stuff all over the shower floor - girls and I had a "girl party" shower last night before bed . . . hence every bottle, sponge, toy was pulled out)

Hope you all have a great weekend planned . . . . I'm going to fantasize about these amazing Fall/Winter outfits and dream that we would have a cold winter here in Cali! . . . . 

Being a blogger . . .

You tend to read and watch things a lot and I always find myself saying "Ohhh I need to share that," "people should know about this!" . . . . . so here I go I am sharing some of the things I have found interesting during my reads this week!

* Imagine being an astronaut mum!!!

* Such an amazing, truthful, empathetic speech

* Brene Brown is the bee's knees (I have my two wonderful sisters to THANK for telling me about her!) . . . ALL men and women should listen to this talk and this one

* This both pumped me up and p*ssed me off!  I want to get this changed for my two little girls and their future!

* There is not much I can say about this one without crying other than I hope with all my heart that we, the world, can support more people like this man; help others for nothing in return; and spread this kind of kindness as much as possible.  I have never regretted not going to Medical School until I watch things like this.

I think one of the best things we can do is to share stories . . . so please continue to share these with those around you.  Knowledge and awareness is powerful


So I have NEVER enjoyed running . . .like E V E R.  I was a gymnast and a dancer growing up, so not a ton of running in my world.  I never understood when people said it was amazing and therapeutic, and they could just keep running when they got into a good pace/groove; that it didn't hurt and they didn't feel like they were going to die after like 2 blocks but I am slowly starting to see the beauty in running.

I started running in May 2013 and the only reason I did was because I carpool with Mr. Hotpants 3 days a week.  We leave the house at 5:30am and get to LA by 6:30am and I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to fit in a workout and do something for me instead of sitting in front of my computer and checking emails or blogs.  So I decided to take 20-30 minutes before I sat down at my computer to start my workday and since there is no gym  at work the only thing I could do was go for a walk/run.  

It has now been 5mths since I started and I am logging about 6-9miles a week, at a 10 minute mile (which people have told me is OK for a beginner?!), I ran a 5K nonstop AND the weird thing? The thing I thought was impossible was that I would eventually enjoy it . . . and I do; immensely.  I am not running for time (right now), I am running for endurance because that was something I could never do. . . I couldn't run more than 1 mile; it killed me.

There is something about it that makes me so proud of my body.  While my heart and lungs are screaming at me to "stop. lay down right where you are (I know its a dirty Hollywood sidewalk), and go to sleep" , my head and my legs are saying "No, come one. We've got this. We can carry you; we can make it. We are strong." and it is empowering to think my body can do this.

On my runs I think about everything, but not in a stressful "to-do-list" way as I do the rest of my waking hours!  I think about creative opportunities in my life, doing things outside my comfort zone, and things just enter my mind that normally wouldn't because it would be filled with to-do-lists, dates, and bills, and reminders, etc . . . running frees my mind of that stuff for 30minutes or so and it is PRICELESS.

If you are not a runner but want to try start slowly, start small, read up on how to start because there are so many great resources on the internet to help you.  It may seem overwhelming at first but trust me, in no time, you will be running a mile without your heart trying to burn it's way out of your chest and you will feel good, accomplished, and strong.

A happy woman . . .

I loved this and wanted to share with you all  . . .

8 Things Every Happy Woman Should Have

Oct. 3, 2013
1. A go-to drink… I’m a fan of vodka sodas with lime.  I like them because vodka wasn’t an alcohol I over-drank in college (unlike SoCo and Captain Morgan) and it neither tastes good or bad, so it’s a win!  I go for a Pinot Grigio when the mood strikes, or for when I don’t feel like drinking too much but usually end up doing it anyway.  And when it comes to beer, I prefer an Allagash White or a Blue Moon.  Or Shipyard Pumpkin during the season.  Although, I have drank my fair share of Miller Lites while low on cash. (That’s generally the case.)  When you have a go-to drink, you appear to be a lady who knows what she wants.  Even if you’re out with a guy who will end up a total mistake, at least you appeared confident with your decisions for a moment in time!

Prosecco wins, but a margarita and mojito coming in as close 2nd's

2. A go-to Karaoke song.  Or the decision to never sing Karaoke.  If you can sing really well, then you’re allowed to go for the divas like Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston.  Know your strengths!  Maybe you’re not a great singer but a great performer.  Maybe you can rap really well.  Maybe you’re a girl who can do a killer McJagger impression.  Choose a song that showcases your strengths and has people cheering for you.  Not yelling at you to get off the stage (drunk people will do that.)  And if you have no performing/musical strengths… stick to the bar!  Drinks!  Mmmm!  (My go-to songs are “Whatta Man” by Salt-n-Peppa or “99 Problems” by Jay Z.)

  I have many songs that could be my go to but "Summer Loving" is a strong #1 

3. A uniform.  I like dresses. And leather or denim jackets.  I rarely wear jeans.  I’m dabbling in them a little more, but they’re rare.  I have a make-up routine that I stick to… and doesn’t involve all that much make-up at all.  My hair is usually the same way – or some variation of straight or curly.  That’s the style I’m super comfortable and confident in.  If you love your jeans and a hoodie, rock it!  Find what you love… and buy it in bulk.  But don’t shop at Costco for clothes. Don’t!

Jeans, sweater and heels? YES pleeasse . . . 

4. A hair stylist they love.  Every eight weeks or so, I get my hair cut by a woman that I love and trust.  The moment I met her, I knew she’d be the one for me.  She even sort of looked liked me, what with her tattoos and wavy hair.  So I felt comfortable talking to her and over time, we got to know each other.  I dread having to talk to a stranger for a half hour or so.  But she makes it easy!  Also, I feel confident asking her questions about my hair because she knows her shit.  She’ll tell me what products I should use or stay away from based on my hair type and she’s honest with me about what I should splurge on and what isn’t worth it.  She never lies to me and she doesn’t even encourage me to get my hair colored there, she gave me tips on how to do it better at home.  Every time I leave her chair, I feel great!  And she gives me free bang trims.  She’s just perfect and my life is better because of her.

My mum is my hairdresser (amazing) and Dry Bar is my other love!  

5. An exercise routine.  Some of my friends are die hard Zumba fans, Crossfit fanatics or boot camp connoisseurs.  Oh, and some people just like the regular old gym.  I, however, have social anxiety.  Personally, I find exercising to be a relaxing, personal endeavor.  I like jogging alone with my thoughts and music.  And I love doing yoga and pilates.  It works for me, I enjoy doing it and it makes me feel confident.  That might totally bore other people, but it’s all about doing what you love.  You’ll never stick to something if someone is forcing you to adapt to their routine.  Try new things, but keep the old.

Zumba, Piyo, running, Tracy Anderson Method . . . love it all 

6. A hobby.  We all have to work and pay bills and seemingly, the only hobby we find time for is drinking.  But doing something else to get the brain functioning in other ways is REALLY helpful.  It could be simple like shopping.  I LOVE shopping.  It makes me feel better, even when I’m just browsing.  I like grabbing a coffee, going for a walk and stopping in my favorite stores.  I also like performing improv comedy, blogging, writing, cleaning and re-arranging my room/shelves (seriously), art, photography, DIY projects, browsing the internet, collecting records and listening to new music.  But, I hardly ever do these things!  We should spend more time doing activities we just like to sit back and enjoy doing.  It’s important to settle our minds every now and then and not just think of where we need to be next and how we’re going to pass the time while we wait.  I watch so much Netflix bullshit.  And I won’t deny that I love it.  But on the odd day where I pick up my camera and go outside or find a craft on Pinterest to replicate or whatever it is… I feel a little more fulfilled.  It’s a good feeling.  I just forget about it the next day when I start watching more “How I Met Your Mother.”

7. A best friend.  It’s always good to have someone to bother when you’re lonely.  I don’t think every girl needs a boyfriend… or male companion.  They’re great, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think anyone needs a significant other more than a best friend.  I have a lot of people I reach out to when I’m feeling lonely… and more often than not, it’s not my boyfriend. He’s bad at texting.

8. A healthy sense of self.  Women are always going to compare themselves to other women, that’s just a fact, but for the majority of the day… we should be happy with who we are.  We should come to terms with our flaws and embrace them as good qualities.  It’s what makes us different that makes us who we are, as corny as that sounds.  At the end of the day, a woman should want to be herself more than anybody else. 

he is all mine!!

So after doing my post on Stacee Jaxx it got me thinking about how people have said that Mr. Hotpants reminds them of Tom Cruise and/or Superman!. . . . so this past weekend little Ms. Em and I were putting some photos away in some new photos albums I picked up and we got to looking at some old pics and WOW-zers I have a hot hubby; he looks gorgeous with his hair short or longer but it has been a while since he let it grow a little longer . . . think I'm going to have to ask him to grow it out a little . . .  check out some of these old pics (iphone pic's taken of old photos so not great clarity)

 This was about 7yrs ago in Del Mar, CA . . . kinda digging the 5 o'clock shadow and his chin dimple has always been a fav of mine :  )

 This was in the subway in New York at Christmas time . . . .probably about 6-7yrs ago too. I love him in a beanie!

This was in 2002!!!! It was my 25th birthday . . . look at his baby-face!

This was at our LA wedding reception (we were "white-dress" married in France) in 2004 . . . that dress I have on is da bomb! It's all leather . . . amazing!!!!

around the casa

I have been doing little things here and there around the house and thought I would share ..... I picked up some of this fabric on sale and I just picked up these blue ikat pillow shams (Trina Turk) at HomeGoods over the weekend.  I am going to do all white linens on the bed and make some euro shams out of the palm leaf fabric and then layer the blue ikat's on top ....

This is the little laundry sink in our laundry room (it is the original tiles and we just replaced the faucet when we moved in) and I hadn't done much with it but last week I picked up a framed cork board for $12 at HomeGoods and spray painted it this awesome glossy coral color.  Added some flowers and a sweet little ice cream dish that I got at HG's a while ago that holds the push pins and now we have a perfect little spot to hang anything for Ms. Em's school, some pic's and anything else that is handy to glance at on your way out the door (this laundry room is right off the garage.

My little sis and I did our 5K this past Saturday and we had a great time for many reasons.  One it was just great to have that special alone time with my sister (we are incredibly close but with kiddos we don't get a lot of time alone these days!), second we rocked it! We both ran the entire thing without stopping (keep in mind we are NOT runners!) and we crossed the Finish line together at 31.50 minutes (that's a 9.50 minute mile guys!)

These were the time separators and while we jumped in at the 9-11min pace slot we are hoping to be able to be in the "under 7 pace" slot next year!

Me & my beautiful little (but taller) sister after the race . . . .

Friday Fav's

This week has flown by for me ..... but thankful for the weekend to be here.  I am running my first 5K tomorrow with my little sister so I am totally excited .... will let you know how it goes next week.  I have a few new pieces I wanted to share with you because they are fantastic! 

I got this insane fringe cardigan from F21 (here)

These are the BEST leggings ever.... I read the reviews (they get higher than Spanx!) and got my first pair and I am seriously now ordering like 3 more pairs because I want to live in these this Winter!  They are silky soft, suck you in, have a tummy high waist thingy, lift your bum and are not see-through! (I have them on in the pic above too)

Ok and because I haven't shared this before and because it is one of my favorite things I own ..... this robe is amazing . . . 


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