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I have been doing little things here and there around the house and thought I would share ..... I picked up some of this fabric on sale and I just picked up these blue ikat pillow shams (Trina Turk) at HomeGoods over the weekend.  I am going to do all white linens on the bed and make some euro shams out of the palm leaf fabric and then layer the blue ikat's on top ....

This is the little laundry sink in our laundry room (it is the original tiles and we just replaced the faucet when we moved in) and I hadn't done much with it but last week I picked up a framed cork board for $12 at HomeGoods and spray painted it this awesome glossy coral color.  Added some flowers and a sweet little ice cream dish that I got at HG's a while ago that holds the push pins and now we have a perfect little spot to hang anything for Ms. Em's school, some pic's and anything else that is handy to glance at on your way out the door (this laundry room is right off the garage.

My little sis and I did our 5K this past Saturday and we had a great time for many reasons.  One it was just great to have that special alone time with my sister (we are incredibly close but with kiddos we don't get a lot of time alone these days!), second we rocked it! We both ran the entire thing without stopping (keep in mind we are NOT runners!) and we crossed the Finish line together at 31.50 minutes (that's a 9.50 minute mile guys!)

These were the time separators and while we jumped in at the 9-11min pace slot we are hoping to be able to be in the "under 7 pace" slot next year!

Me & my beautiful little (but taller) sister after the race . . . .

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