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Being a blogger . . .

You tend to read and watch things a lot and I always find myself saying "Ohhh I need to share that," "people should know about this!" . . . . . so here I go I am sharing some of the things I have found interesting during my reads this week!

* Imagine being an astronaut mum!!!

* Such an amazing, truthful, empathetic speech

* Brene Brown is the bee's knees (I have my two wonderful sisters to THANK for telling me about her!) . . . ALL men and women should listen to this talk and this one

* This both pumped me up and p*ssed me off!  I want to get this changed for my two little girls and their future!

* There is not much I can say about this one without crying other than I hope with all my heart that we, the world, can support more people like this man; help others for nothing in return; and spread this kind of kindness as much as possible.  I have never regretted not going to Medical School until I watch things like this.

I think one of the best things we can do is to share stories . . . so please continue to share these with those around you.  Knowledge and awareness is powerful

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