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he is all mine!!

So after doing my post on Stacee Jaxx it got me thinking about how people have said that Mr. Hotpants reminds them of Tom Cruise and/or Superman!. . . . so this past weekend little Ms. Em and I were putting some photos away in some new photos albums I picked up and we got to looking at some old pics and WOW-zers I have a hot hubby; he looks gorgeous with his hair short or longer but it has been a while since he let it grow a little longer . . . think I'm going to have to ask him to grow it out a little . . .  check out some of these old pics (iphone pic's taken of old photos so not great clarity)

 This was about 7yrs ago in Del Mar, CA . . . kinda digging the 5 o'clock shadow and his chin dimple has always been a fav of mine :  )

 This was in the subway in New York at Christmas time . . . .probably about 6-7yrs ago too. I love him in a beanie!

This was in 2002!!!! It was my 25th birthday . . . look at his baby-face!

This was at our LA wedding reception (we were "white-dress" married in France) in 2004 . . . that dress I have on is da bomb! It's all leather . . . amazing!!!!


  1. OMG, you both look like movie stars. Your hubs is a cross between Ben Affleck and Tom Cruise methinks. And you are the spitting image of Emma Stone. What an incredible dress and a fab departure from what women usually wear at their reception and its still so current!

    1. awww thank you! I love Emma Stone so i will take that compliment : ) .... yes the dress is insane. I wore my white wedding dress in France for the big ceremony but we had a small reception in Santa Monica and I wore this dress! loved it.


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