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So I have NEVER enjoyed running . . .like E V E R.  I was a gymnast and a dancer growing up, so not a ton of running in my world.  I never understood when people said it was amazing and therapeutic, and they could just keep running when they got into a good pace/groove; that it didn't hurt and they didn't feel like they were going to die after like 2 blocks but I am slowly starting to see the beauty in running.

I started running in May 2013 and the only reason I did was because I carpool with Mr. Hotpants 3 days a week.  We leave the house at 5:30am and get to LA by 6:30am and I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to fit in a workout and do something for me instead of sitting in front of my computer and checking emails or blogs.  So I decided to take 20-30 minutes before I sat down at my computer to start my workday and since there is no gym  at work the only thing I could do was go for a walk/run.  

It has now been 5mths since I started and I am logging about 6-9miles a week, at a 10 minute mile (which people have told me is OK for a beginner?!), I ran a 5K nonstop AND the weird thing? The thing I thought was impossible was that I would eventually enjoy it . . . and I do; immensely.  I am not running for time (right now), I am running for endurance because that was something I could never do. . . I couldn't run more than 1 mile; it killed me.

There is something about it that makes me so proud of my body.  While my heart and lungs are screaming at me to "stop. lay down right where you are (I know its a dirty Hollywood sidewalk), and go to sleep" , my head and my legs are saying "No, come one. We've got this. We can carry you; we can make it. We are strong." and it is empowering to think my body can do this.

On my runs I think about everything, but not in a stressful "to-do-list" way as I do the rest of my waking hours!  I think about creative opportunities in my life, doing things outside my comfort zone, and things just enter my mind that normally wouldn't because it would be filled with to-do-lists, dates, and bills, and reminders, etc . . . running frees my mind of that stuff for 30minutes or so and it is PRICELESS.

If you are not a runner but want to try start slowly, start small, read up on how to start because there are so many great resources on the internet to help you.  It may seem overwhelming at first but trust me, in no time, you will be running a mile without your heart trying to burn it's way out of your chest and you will feel good, accomplished, and strong.

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