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Give thanks

So I decided to do a "Thankful" tree for the girls this year.  I saw all these beautiful one's on blogs and pinterest but I wanna ask you guys . . . How can you keep it beautiful and perfect when a sweet little 4.5yr old girl wants to help with every step of making it? . . . From coloring it in, drawing the shape of the tree, taping the construction paper together to make it big, to even cutting out leaves (long shards of jagged pieces of paper) . . . . I just don't have the heart to not use her hard work because it doesn't look "pretty" in the conventional way . . . alas the "thankful" tree is already working it's magic : ) 

 Pinterest beauties . . .

We taped 4 large pieces of construction tape together, drew a big tree and colored it in with crayons, cut our different colored leaves (traced our hands for some) and used some glitter stickers to spell out "Thankful."  I tape the leaves on with blue painters tape (safest easiest thing for the girls to use - no glue!!) We cut out a lot of extra blank leaves and put them in a little wooden bowl in the hallway next to the tree with a pen.  

The goal is each of us write one thing that we are thankful for each day, and to invite any guests who come by to take a leave and write something on it that they are thankful for and add it to our tree.

It is an on-growing tree . . . we plan to stick some real leaves to it that we find out at the park and on our nature walks, we also plan on painting some leaves and dousing in glitter and sticking those to the tree until it is full with leaves of thanks, love and glitter.

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