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Happy Monday -Dining room dilemma

Okay so we have a dilemma . . . I love wishbone chairs ..... and wanted to do either 2 pink at ends of table and white ones on the sides OR 2 pink at ends and white chiavari seats for the sides  . . . . 

here is the table .... sorry bad pics!

And here are the 2 new chairs . . . still have the packing on them (love the color; it's like a raspberry pink)

The dilemma is Mr. Hotpants thinks that all the chairs need to be high-backed chairs or it will look funny . . . but after researching wishbone chairs I think it looks good . . . what do you think?

I could always keep them and use in our big living room (only has old sofa at the moment), or another spot in the house . . . take a look at some inspiration shots.

 Be cute in the girls rooms for a desk?!

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  1. I would keep them. I have 6 chairs at my dining. The 2 end ones are giant wing back chairs and the 4 on either sides are just parsons chairs. So the end chairs are taller than the side chairs and I like that odd-ness.


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