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Holiday Goodies . . .

I was in Trader Joe's the other day and picked up a few thing that I have to share with you . . .Their Holiday specialty items are always amazing!!!

I didn't buy these (I should have) but tasted them in the store and they are AWESOME . . . kids would love these too and no artificial ingredients!
 These would be amazing paired with the "Cranberry Goat Cheese" (Below)

 These are a Holiday season MUST in our house . . . love love love them!

Cranberry Goat Cheese - this is RIDICULOUS . . . I have seriously eaten almost half of this by myself in 2 days . . . . best dinner ever!

 The girls love these and they are a pretty healthy alternative to, ahem, the cookies below !!!!!

If you buy nothing else this season from Trader Joe's promise me you will at least buy these!!! They are INSANE .... Here's what you get: chocolate covered peppermint Joe Joe's, chocolate covered peanut butter Joe Joe's, chocolate covered chocolate Joe Joe's, and white chocolate covered ginger Joe Joe's . . . the ginger are UH-MAZING!!

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