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Thank you UPS!

So I have been picking up a few things here and there and I wanted to share some of the things that I have been happy with!

I got this little pillow-cover for our sofa from Amazon and it is very nicely made and only $15! It is like a natural linen color with the LOVE embroidered on in a beautiful pinky-red!

I found these amazing little boots for little Ms. E on a clearance rack at Target for $7! They are about a size and a half too big for her but with the rate her feet grow she will be wearing them in no time!! I want some!

Have you guys shopped at H&M Home section yet! I just did and I was happily impressed.  I bought 2 of these cute little Santa pillowcases for the girls bedrooms ($6 each), a great little pink with orange polka dots pillowcase for Ms. E's bed (sold out online) and a white linen duvet cover for MS. E's bed . . . it is sold out too and I am so bummed because they had it in Queen/king sizes too and I so badly wanted it for our room.  It is the perfect slouchy cozy linen . . . Fingers crossed they get them back in!!!

I also got two of these candles and I love the utilitarian look of them. They are not scented, which is fine, but they look chic around the house!

AHHHHH and my other new favorite purchase? These new MiH jeans. They are amazing!  I can't say enough good things about them and I DON'T want to ever take them off!  These are the Boston jean (here and on sale here); and they are a true skinny straight leg fit! A friend of mine was talking about trying them and instead of buying a $200 pair of jeans and wearing them a few times only to find out the stretch or slouch in places I hate I decided to see if I could find any on eBay and low and behold I got these for $20! Now I know I love them I will definitely buy more pairs!!

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