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Enjoy, celebrate, love

I swear this whole holiday season has snuck up on me! On one hand I feel like we really did the holiday festivities and all but on the other hand I'm like "what!!!"

We have had a house of sickies this week (mainly me; sicker than I have been in years!) and now baby girl E has got croup which means we are just counting down the days till little Ms. H gets it too BUT we will enjoy these next few days seen as it is my dad's (Papa's) birthday on Christmas Eve.  We are doing our annual tradition of birthday/Christmas dinner at our house with Papa and this year we get to have my Grandma and Great Auntie with us to celebrate from Scotland!  Such a blessing to have them here with us.

We spent a lot of time here this past weekend resting and reading!

 Someone got an early Christmas present and won't take it off!

Sunday morning snuggles

I'm signing off for a few days to enjoy my family time  . . . have a fantastical holiday with your friends and family!


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