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The weekend

So it's the weekend before Santa comes and I wanted to share a few things:

First - Have you all made your personalized video for your little one from Santa!!! It is awesome and it had little Ms. E sitting on the edge of her seat, so nervous to see if Santa had her on the naughty or the nice list!!! She squealed and grabbed me when he said she was on the NICE list!!! It was adorable . . . . . It's free, it's magical and kids just eat it up!  Give it a try.

Second - I am going to try and throw out as many boxes and packaging as I can this weekend (our trash is picked up on Mondays) because we are always left with tons of cardboard and paper and fillers the day after Christmas that it takes about 3 weeks of trash pick-ups for it all to be gone. So this weekend I am going to take all the gifts out of their cardboard boxes and packaging, wrap them and get those boxes broken down and in the recycle bin! I am  packing it to the top!!!

Third - The girls and I have been going through every toy bin, basket, cupboard, and box in the house and separating the toys into 3 piles. KEEP, DONATE, BROKEN/TRASH . . . . I want there to be space for their new toys and for them to appreciate the new toys they get and understand that what they donate to other children who wont get anything means more than getting new toys.  They have been pretty wonderful at it . . .well my 4.5yr old has, our 2yr old just keeps messing up all the piles and hiding toys!!!

I am done with all my shopping and have half of it wrapped already! This is a first for me!!!! So this weekend I will be finishing up wrapping, drinking rum-spiced eggnog and taking the girls to Disney On Ice . . .  our annual tradition with my dad "Papa" for his birthday - he is a Christmas Eve baby!!

now I leave you with one of my favorite Holiday quotes (we watched this with the girls this past weekend for the first time - they loved it) 

have a magical weekend!

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