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I needed a laugh today . . .

I have never laughed so HARD in my life . . . 

New pain scale . . .

create . . .

This has been the thought that pulsates my brain every day of every month for the past few years.  Those years have also been filled with pregnancies, maternity leave, breast feeding, c-sections ad NO sleep, but I am feeling that 2013 may be the start of my journey . . .

Cozy coffee reads

Have you read this blog before?  It is written by Hedvig, a former model from Norway, who is insanely fashionable and is now pregnant (due mid-Feb) and her fashion is still killing it . . . you have to check her blog out.  I loved this pic she posted last week with the heading "Balanced" . . . 

new YSL booties for her; new stroller for baby!

Isn't she beautfiul and stylish?  I love her effortless-look street style!  

Last week I read some great bits from around the blogosphere; I had to share some of the ones I loved . . . 

I am totally archiving this for the Teen years link

You will pee your pants . . . . i warned you! link

Seriously this is dead on, right?

This is eye-opening . . . it is 17 minutes but WATCH it! link

Good times . . .

How was your weekend?  We enjoyed ours .... equal parts "to-do-list" and family fun time!  Want to hear my best news?  My grandma and great auntie Janet finally made it over from Scotland (after a year of waiting!! long story) and I could not be happier!  They are two of the most genuine, wise, funny-as-hell, ladies I have ever met.  The girls absolutely love their great grandma and we plan on spending AS MUCH time with them as we can over the next month, so you will see pic's of them popping up here and their.

I also finished my 4-day cleanse (BPC) and while I had some tough moments (like making mac-n-cheese for the girls dinner and Mr. Hotpants making "tater-tots") all in all it was not that hard.  The service of BPC is amazing, the packaging of all the juices was awesome and showed right up on my doorstep!  I could not be easier; they even give you a cute little cooler bag to take with you, perfect for packing juices 1-4 for work!  The skinny version:

Day 1 - Juices tasted great (thank goodness!) and I didn't feel hungry at all, I actually almost couldn't drink all 6 juices! It is quite a lot of juice and liquids because you are also doing herbal teas and water in between.  I did sleep like crap this first night but that could be a combination of 3yr-old-in-bed-night-terrors and some wonderful night sweats! (the joys of being a woman) 

Day 2 - I woke up with the worst headache so I had to down a cup of coffee, which helped, and which you are allowed (I might have had a little more than is allowed). You can "cheat" with: cup of coffee, cup of vegetable broth, 1/4 avocado, celery & cucumber spears!  I must admit this was a hard day and I did feel hungry but more "empty" than anything else and not a lot of energy.  The Cashew milk (#6 juice that you do 2hrs before bed) makes the day seem worth it though . . . . water, cashews, agave nectar, vanilla, cinnamon . . . yum! 

Day 3 - Woke up feeling good and by 7:30am I felt wonderful.  Had a great amount of energy this day and no food cravings at all!

Day 4 - This fell on Saturday and I thought it would be harder being at home but surprisingly I still did not have a huge urge to eat so it was not bad.  I took a zumba class in the morning and had the energy to do it!  I felt great afterwards too.  I weighed myself at the end of the day and I had lost a total of 5.5lbs since I started.  I know it is pretty much all water weight and I don't feel like I have lost weight, but I do feel less bloated and puffy if that makes sense.

My conclusion - was it worth the $300? (my Christmas present!) --- I definitely think you could do it cheaper and possibly on your own BUT since it is a bit physically & mentally challenging at times I believe having the juices ready and prepared makes it easy not to give up . . . I think if I were making all the juices I would have just petered out on Day 2 because I would not have had the brain power or energy to stand and make a bunch of juice! 

So for me it was a luxury and I enjoyed it.  I think we deserve to treat our bodies to a few days rest from digesting tough proteins and dense meats, breads and pastas.  I think we deserve to do a cleanse like this 1-2/yr.   What do you ladies think? Have you ever done a cleanse? How else do you "thank" your body?

dreams . . .

I would love to be working on something like this!!!!

whole lotta coziness!

I love lounge-wear, but I want to look like a movie star in it, not a mum running to the 24hr Target pharmacy in some mismatched PJ-sweat combo.  Recently I have seen some people blogging about Aerie, a dept within American Eagle Outfitters and check out some of these cozy, chic finds at great prices.

I'm packing my bags

and moving in ... right after I find 24.5 million dollars!  check out Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos NY home for sale!!!! I am dying right now! They bought it and did a 2yr renovation and now it's darn near perfection!!!  (BTW I did a mortgage calculator to see what the monthly payment would be . . .get this with 10% down, it is 118K a month ...ahhhhh ha ha ha

Brass feet . . .

How amazing is this chair!!!  The website has some amazing furniture, and while it is on the pricey side, I think the pieces are all unique and special.  Would only take one jaw-dropping piece of furniture to make a room shout "wowza."

And these beauties should be for sale as of today! Chanel Spring colors ..... I LOVE the pink "Fracas" 571 ..... such a great color for spring and summer!

Slowly but surely

I feel so behind in the New years, new start, fresh new resolutions, etc . . . . . Our home has been a consistent germ-fest since the week before Christmas; snot noses, earaches, sinus infections, bladder infections, and now its fevers, coughs and the flu hooray!  Seriously I feel like the past month I have just been keeping my head above water far less being able to think of goals, and toning and working out and eating clean and house projects to tackle in 2013!  Don't get me wrong all the ideas and words are swirling around in my brain but they are all muddled up.

So today I am going to try and articulate some goals that I would like to take on in 2013.  Don't judge these are going to be very broad goals but I am starting somewhere right?  I really want to get away from big lofty annual goals because they never work so hopefully this weekend, if fevers and snot permitting, I will get to break down my aspirations into monthly and weekly goals. 

I am ordering my Blueprint cleanse today for next week!!! A 4-day juice cleanse to help me kick start my year.  Juice gives me energy that is actually better than the energy-jolt from coffee so I am excited to see how I feel after 4 days.... I will keep you posted.

We have a juicer at home but it is old so I want to buy this one and start juicing daily, or making a batch on a weekend for the week!  And I want to get the girls involved in making it, thinking of fun recipes and drinking it!  For $99 I have read that this little beauty below is a powerhouse!

I have ordered my 2013 planner and fav pens to get myself organized.  I prefer planners that just have the monthly view because I hate having to write things twice (in the weekly/daily section and in the big month part.) And I ordered this one because I loved the pop of color!  I have started making our annual doctor appointments and dental appointments so that they are already taken care of!. 

So this is where I am starting, slow but attainable.  How is your fresh start going?


If you don't already tune into "Scandal" on a Thursday night at 10pm on abc, then grab your remote and set your TV to record this show . . . it is AWESOME wrapped in delicious.  Season 3 just started but don't worry I just caught up on Season 1 & 2 over the weekend .... ahem, yes that addicting!

Kerry Washington (who, might I add, is drop dead gorgeous) plays "Olivia Pope," the fixer girl in Washington.  The show is exciting, scandalous, provocative and thrilling.  It has mystery, politics, love, romance, humor, and fashion!!!! The closet of Olivia Pope is blog-worthy, take a look . . .

 Amazing dress she wears to a Ball at the White House . . .

 This is one of my favorite things she wears, a Ferragamo wrap coat!!!

Olivia Pope also drinks her red wine out of the most beautiful wine glasses and I found them on a blog from Crate & Barrel . . . I have to have them; look how long and sexy those stems are!

And how stunning was Kerry Washington at the Golden Globes in this Miu Miu dress!

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