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The Big Four - Oh!

Yes it is true, astonishingly true, our baby girl is turning 4 next week and I can't believe it .... honestly I kick myself in the a*s when I say "time flies and they grow up so fast" because while life is happening it can seem like phases and sleepless nights make weeks and months drag on but then you turn around one day and you're planning your once little, tiny, wriggly, flour-sak baby her 4th birthday party with all her little school friends !!!!  Freeze time please ....... (but make sure it is during a good sleep & no-tantrum phase, OK)

I wanted to show you the party favors I am doing and guess what? this idea was born and bred in my brain not from a magazine or Pinterest!!!! I know, I know, I'm kind of a big deal . . . .

I am not a huge fan of candy, sweets, or cheap little plastic things for party bags.  I love bubbles or arts & crafts things so I decided to take a project that Emerson's and I did and turn it into a very fun and inexpensive party favor . . . . I bought everything at Michael's (and Target) but I am sure you can find them at any craft store.

 I bought 3 sets these little pots of paints that are all linked together and cut them into individual sets of 3 paints each.  And I got a bag of 24 paintbrushes for like $2, oh and some tiny little Ziploc baggies . . .

 Then I bought each kid one of these sweet little natural wood bird houses ($1 each) for them to paint with their little paint/brush sets

Then I included a little baggie of bird seed with each set (we had a big bag of seed that we bought from the pet-store for our yard)

So the bird house, paint, paintbrush and birdseed all got put in these fun little party bags from Target, and we sealed the bags with either and "E" or "4" sticker!!!



F U N 

And I can't wait till she gets this new bike helmet! It is so rad!

I have got the itch

to play with fabric and colors and textures . . . I have been looking for a good upholstery place/person in the LA or OC region, anyone have any good peeps?  I know there has to be a hidden gem, someone who is meticulous yet affordable . . . getting things recovered can be SO expensive and that sort of negates the purpose, right!?  My mum planted a seed in my head the other day about me taking some upholstery classes hhmmmm!!!
Look at some of these photos that have got my mojo pumping and heart pounding (I am going to need some velvet in my very near future)

Friday love

Last weekend we had the fantasmical Jylare come and do a family photo shoot with my Grandma and Great Auntie Janet, before they headed home to Scotland on Monday.  

As always Jylare was amazing and easy and caught some wonderful magical moments for us to cherish . . . she gave me a sneak peak and I cant wait to see the rest!!!!  (The photos were taken at my mum and stepdads beautiful home) 

 The whole gang!

 The two most beautiful women I know . . . my grandma and my mum!

 Emerson and Granma

 seriously!!!!! my mum had them pick lemons to distract them!

 this is a favorite of mine; my brother, grandma and little sister . . . . i have such a beautiful family!

 cousins!!!!!! Harper, Cooper, Emerson, & Morgan

 "Harper give your big sister a kiss" . . . . awwwww melts my heart

 Sisters . . . Auntie Janet and Grandma . . . when I grow up I want to be just like them.

 My whole world in a rainbow of blues 

 Very squirmy 18mth old in this one . . . 

 My sisters beautiful family . . . sweetpea Morgan is Emerson's BFF

 Seriously? How gorgeous is my brothers family! That red hair, those curls . . . lil Mr. Cooper melts me


 Me and my baby girl . . . please excuse the fuzzy hair, I went to the Pink! concert the night before (BTW she is amazing!)
 I cannot get enough of this photo . . . those smiles, those little dimples . . . overwhelming love 

love this one of Grandma and lil Ms. Morgan. . . those big blue eyes!

NOTE - the girls dresses and cardigans and lil Coopers seersucker pants, shirt and vest were all from Target! so many cute things in right now . . . oh and so were the Whale sweatshirts that they all ended up having to have!

So urban

I always forget how much I LOVE Urban Outfitters!  But every time I pop into the store or jump online I find about a gazillion things I need.

Check out some of my fav's . . . 

 I love the chunkiness of these sandals and the two-tone!

 Great, lightweight sweatshirt . . . great with white linen pants for a cooler day at the beach.

Sweet little set of earrings

 Love this dress . . comes in blue too!

 I am all about soft drapey tops and this tank seems perfect to throw over a bikini or cute lace bralette

 enough said . . . 

 great reminder 

 I definitely need a pair of dungarees this year .... so easy and comfy and cute! 

just reinforcing my soft drapey top love . . .

I may or may not have . . .

bought these awesome and comfortable wedges ($29)

and these jeans ($23) . . . they are the perfect boyfriend jeans for me and are SO soft!

and this dress, ($98) although I returned it because it just did not fit right . . . I SO wanted it to work, it is beautiful (although the skirt needed to be fuller, it didn't have enough material)

I missed you!!

Okay so yes, I have been MIA for the past two weeks and my blog posts have been spotty, but things are a little chaotic around here.
Two Mondays ago our nanny walked out on us! And how did she tell us? She waited until, both me and Mr. Hotpants were at work, about 50 miles away from home, and "text" me this .... "You need to have your mom come immediately because i am not feeling okay, and I wont be looking after your girls anymore." W T F ...... are you serious? 
I will cut a LONG story short here, because I could rant forever! but she did leave us high and dry that Monday, luckily my girlfriend was able to look after our girls.  But we have since found out that she was a total fraud!!
We got her through a reputable website, checked her background, called all her references and she looked great.  Come to find out all of her references were fake (friends, family, etc), her daughters didn't attend USC and Berkeley like she said and in the end I don't even know who she really was.  Absolutely terrifying experience!  I had the locks changed on all the doors of our house an hour after she left, called the preschool and made them tell all the teachers and staff that she should in no way be around the school anymore for any reason.
So for the past week and a half we have had to have the girls looked after by me and my mum.  But we need to find a new nanny asap.  I have interviewed and met with about 16 people and none of them seem to be the right fit for us and the girls.  I have 2 more today so keep your fingers crossed for us!

heart to heart

I'm not a huge valentines person .... it's fun and cute but I don't put too much emphasis on it, after all aren't we supposed to be dreamily in-love every day?  But if one must know what my heart is coveting on this valentines . . . I dare to share . . . 

 I am smitten with this "mum" necklace since this is how I spell it (I am a born-and-raised ScotsGirl!)

 This amazing rug for our master bathroom . . . love the vibrant colors; so fun!


 A beautiful scarf or tunic from lemlem for the summer . . . breezy, airy linen! 

A fun and flirty shoe (that only costs $40!!) 

 This cute necklace (with my girls initials) from this etsy seller

Textiles . . .

Am I the last to find out about Target's Boho Boutique?  This stuff is awesome! I love the color combinations and patterns.  I think a few of these pieces will definitely have to be invited to our home for a glass of Prosecco, don't you agree?

Definitely need these napkins for summer!

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