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So it's Friday ... again!!! This week flew by and was actually fun and productful (despite almost no sleep for 3 nights "thank you full moon and night terrors")

My week according to my phone . . . 

Ms. E fell in love with this egg chair at a b-day party (too bad they are $800)

 Monday night we celebrated two wonderful events (took all the kiddos for Mexican food (guac and beans!!) and marg's for mama's) - my lil sisters b-day and my good friends fundraiser for March of Dimes! So fun

Cousin love . . .  Seriously too cute! 

Ms. H playing (aka getting into trouble!)

 Ms. Em's new quilt came and we couldn't be happier.  It is really nicely made, feels soft and substantial not light and flimsy like I was worried it might!  The colors are awesome!

 A little bit of gardening with Daddy mid-week (we are working on the grass then next we will be adding plants, trees, flowers).  Mr. Hotpants is becoming quite the green-thumb . . . must admit it's kinda sexy!

 This tree is beautiful with its little cherry blossom flowers (we hung our little birdhouses on it)

 I love spring flowers - we have pansies, daffodils and tulips coming up!

 Decorating Easter sugar cookies with our new "amazing" nanny

 These two are becoming best buds and I can't tell you how much it warms my heart . . . there is nothing quite like watching a siblings love grow and develop . . .it is so natural and organic (ahem ....we are going to have to start working on that paci!)


 loving on her sweets just like her Daddy 

 Just a little sneak peak on what the Easter Bunny might be bringing this year for the girls!  They are going to love it!!! and of course mama had to pick a custom paint color .... you'll see Monday

Have an absolutely wonderful weekend . . . fill it with laughter and love and wine!

Please come in - Randoms

Just some snapshots from around the house . . .
This little bunny begged to come home with me and how could I say no to all those sparkles!

Emerson picked this little drawing out from a local artist at a restaurant we frequented in Santa Monica (of course I spray painted the frame gold!) . . . it is in the girls bathroom

The girls bathroom (also the guest bathroom) . . (paint: Behr "Billowy Clouds" great blush pink).  I picked up this little hand towel the other day at CostPlus to add a splash of color and I love it!

Our built-in cabinets in the hallway to the bedrooms (stores sheets/linens/towels and medicine on top) . . . tray was a random find at HomeGoods (love the colors).  I want to add a carrera marble top to this and I am thinking of a little DIY gold chevron paint on that back wall . . . like this 


Our entryway right now . . . I love fresh flowers in my house but I have always loved how decorators use branches and greenery in spaces to add a natural look so I stepped outside and low and behold my garden is full of gorgeous trees and bushes . . . this branch has the most beautiful greens, reds and pinks in it and it has stayed this way for about 2 weeks so far!

Some more of my branches (it has the sweetest pink flowers on it) . . . new candle that Ms. E picked out from HomeGoods and perfect pink Gerber's that Mr. Hotpants got while grocery shopping . . . oh and that gorgeous white orb of beauty??? on clearance at Target for $8 (can't find online)

Total selfie before bed one night - took it because I was shocked at how much my hair has changed since having the girls.  It used to be pretty straight but now it has these crazy big waves .... kinda digging it!

side accent table in the living room

Update - H2O

So I just wanted to give you a quick update on how this is going!  I will admit I have not started the jump roping yet . . . still need to buy one BUT on the water front whoa!!! What a difference I feel.  The goal was to drink 32oz BEFORE my coffee every morning and I will admit the first day or so was awful, I literally felt like I was going to explode with water and/or throw up . . . 32oz is a lot all at once y'all!

But I am here to report that after getting into a routine - I put a glass of water (16oz) by my bed the night before and when I get up, I grab it and start drinking it.  This 16oz is pretty easy because I am thirsty (and now my body craves it!). Then I go to the kitchen, turn on the kettle and get my lunch ready for work and while I am doing that I "slowly" drink my second 16oz glass, this one is not as easy . . . I carry it around with me while I'm getting dressed and finish it before I leave the house.  Then I have a small cup of coffee in the car on my way into work but I could honestly forgo it because I feel so awake after the water!  It's crazy!!!! 

Another thing I have started is eating breakfast . . . I know! this has been told to me a hundred times over but I never really felt hungry in the a.m. so I skipped it.  Now I eat a banana in the car on my way into work and when I get to my desk I have a bowl of steel cut oats!  And I feel like a million bucks

H2O + breakfast = happy body, mind & tummy

this is amazing - find it in the frozen aisle - perfect for taking
 to work and throwing in the microwave!  Our girls love it too!

Mr. Hotpants!!!!

I think I need this Kelly Wearstler ring in a size 7 pretty pretty please .... it's on sale!

I love you

Please come in - The Master

First let me say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing little sister . . . she has the poise, humor and zest for life that I strive to have and she is one fab mama!

So our bedroom and bathroom have taken a back seat to decorating because my main concern was to get the girls all settled first.  I had a vision of what I wanted it too look like ...

And while I still love this look I am finding myself drawn to these inspiration pieces . . . More light and airy and tropical (read - need to repaint this room white! - sorry Mr. Hotpants)

In the meantime I will still share some pic's of it's current state . . .

My favorite "real" houseplant, that I have kept alive for 3mths!!! . . . It has beautiful pinky-coral markings on the leaves . . . adds a splash of color to the master bath.

A nook in the bedroom 

Another wall in the bedroom - I am thinking of painting this desk a coral or Kelly green? thoughts?

Paint - BM "New York State of Mind"
Zebra Chair - Overstock (no longer on line)
Garden Stool - Williams Sonoma Home
Desk - Warehouse in LA (fabric skirt on desk (eBay)
Plant - Home Depot
Jewlery Box - HomeGoods
Chair - Online here 

Old Navy Scores

I picked up this awesome chambray t-shirt for $6.50 and this gold pyramid bracelet for $7 the other day at Old Navy (can't find them online)

I went in to try these on but they didn't have them in the camo print so I might have to order online!

I also want to pick up a few of these fun lightweight scarfs for the summer . . .


Have a fantabulous weekend!

She did it again!

GP has done it again with her Spring fashion editorial on her goop website . . . . Love love love these looks .... great inspiration photos for putting together the same looks for Spring but from more affordable stores (H&M, F21, Gap, Zara)

 Awesome!!!! love the simple dressed-down tank with this unexpected whimsical skirt!

 love these colors - and those jeans and shoes!!!

 Insane Isabel Marant sneakers and Chloe pants!!!!  

(Here are some of my F21 pants picks for a similar look) . . .

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