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a glimpse

My dad sent me this photo of my little sister and I . . .  We started out as drinking buddies very young!! I hope to be in this exact position tonight sitting right next to my best buddy with drink in hand . . . love you Kate!!!

Enjoy, celebrate, love

I swear this whole holiday season has snuck up on me! On one hand I feel like we really did the holiday festivities and all but on the other hand I'm like "what!!!"

We have had a house of sickies this week (mainly me; sicker than I have been in years!) and now baby girl E has got croup which means we are just counting down the days till little Ms. H gets it too BUT we will enjoy these next few days seen as it is my dad's (Papa's) birthday on Christmas Eve.  We are doing our annual tradition of birthday/Christmas dinner at our house with Papa and this year we get to have my Grandma and Great Auntie with us to celebrate from Scotland!  Such a blessing to have them here with us.

We spent a lot of time here this past weekend resting and reading!

 Someone got an early Christmas present and won't take it off!

Sunday morning snuggles

I'm signing off for a few days to enjoy my family time  . . . have a fantastical holiday with your friends and family!


The weekend

So it's the weekend before Santa comes and I wanted to share a few things:

First - Have you all made your personalized video for your little one from Santa!!! It is awesome and it had little Ms. E sitting on the edge of her seat, so nervous to see if Santa had her on the naughty or the nice list!!! She squealed and grabbed me when he said she was on the NICE list!!! It was adorable . . . . . It's free, it's magical and kids just eat it up!  Give it a try.

Second - I am going to try and throw out as many boxes and packaging as I can this weekend (our trash is picked up on Mondays) because we are always left with tons of cardboard and paper and fillers the day after Christmas that it takes about 3 weeks of trash pick-ups for it all to be gone. So this weekend I am going to take all the gifts out of their cardboard boxes and packaging, wrap them and get those boxes broken down and in the recycle bin! I am  packing it to the top!!!

Third - The girls and I have been going through every toy bin, basket, cupboard, and box in the house and separating the toys into 3 piles. KEEP, DONATE, BROKEN/TRASH . . . . I want there to be space for their new toys and for them to appreciate the new toys they get and understand that what they donate to other children who wont get anything means more than getting new toys.  They have been pretty wonderful at it . . .well my 4.5yr old has, our 2yr old just keeps messing up all the piles and hiding toys!!!

I am done with all my shopping and have half of it wrapped already! This is a first for me!!!! So this weekend I will be finishing up wrapping, drinking rum-spiced eggnog and taking the girls to Disney On Ice . . .  our annual tradition with my dad "Papa" for his birthday - he is a Christmas Eve baby!!

now I leave you with one of my favorite Holiday quotes (we watched this with the girls this past weekend for the first time - they loved it) 

have a magical weekend!

Stuff your stockings

I love stocking stuffers!!! My mum always does a GREAT job with her stockings.  We always get a mix of "travel-sized" toiletries (which ALWAYS come in handy thru-out the year,or for throwing in your purse, your diaper bag, etc), little goodies like earrings, socks, gloves, lipsticks, nail polishes, gift cards and there is always some candy and our forever-tradition of "a few clementine oranges" in the very bottom!

I was checking out Urban Outfitters stocking stuffer section and found some great ideas . . . 

                                                         little speaker for iPhone 

                                                    love this toothpick holder!!!


So I joined the health-wagon and decided to try out NatureBoxSo far it is wonderful!  A box with bags and bags of new and exciting HEALTHY snacks arrives on your doorstep once a month.   Not sure about you but my girls are more "snackers" than 3-meal day kids (pediatrician says this is very normal for children and actually better that they graze)

I love the fact that I have these nutrionist-approved snacks on hand for when they get hungry.  I plan on getting little snack bags and dividing the larger bags up into little grab-bags for their lunches, for when we are running out to go to the park or run errands (like Jenny here)

If you haven't tried them, they are worth trying at least once.  The prices are on par with the grocery store prices for similar products.  The "Citrus Chipotle Chickpea's" are insanity!!!


parent tip for the holidays

So if you believe in Santa Claus and celebrate Christmas you may already know this or have dealt with this BUT we hadn't until last year. 

Ms. E was 3.5yrs old last Christmas and as we sat wrapping her "Santa" gifts after she had gone to bed on Cristmas Eve, I picked up a roll of wrapping paper to use and wondered out loud to my dad and Mr. Hotpants,  "I wonder if Emerson will notice that this is our wrapping paper?"  . . . . my dad and Mr. Hotpants were like "no way, kids tear paper off so fast, she wont even notice a thing!"  So I keep wrapping

Come Christmas morning . . . 

Little Ms. E walks out to the living room, looks at all her toys wrapped under the tree and the first thing she says is "Mama why did Santa use our wrapping paper?" 

Thank you men!!! I knew she would notice!!! 

So my advice for mama's of babies 3 and up . . . buy several rolls of wrapping paper on a day you are not with your babies and HIDE it immediately, don't even let them see it sitting in the hall closet or in the Target bag.  Then use that paper ONLY for their presents from Santa; don't use it on any other gifts under the tree  It should be a special paper that only Santa uses!  I try to get cute kid wrap with Rudolph or snowmen, you know the stuff Santa digs!


Not sure about you guys but i am LOVING that Domino is back!  I could spend hours on the site . . . like H O U R S.  The other day I came across the most stunning townhouse that I had to share  with you . . . it is sheer perfection.  Those butter-lemon velvet sofa's????  "Dear Santa . . . I want lemon velvet sofas, a claw-foot bathtub, amazing towering built-ins . . . this townhouse should fit in that magic sleigh of yours, right???"

"Ali Cayne—founder of New York City’s Haven’s Kitchen, a restaurant, event space, and cooking school specializing in seasonal, sustainable food—never does anything by halves. Not when it comes to running her restaurant or raising her five children, and not when it came to renovating her new West Village townhouse. Working alongside her architect, Cayne selected everything—each finish, paint color, and piece of furniture—without the help of an interior decorator. “I don’t have a background in design,” she says, “but I do know what I like.”  Full story here

yikes . . .

Has it really been a week since I posted?  This week felt a little crazy but I promise next week will be better . . . I plan on doing nothing this weekend except finishing the tree and decorations around the house, planting some poinsettia's in the garden, ordering some gifts, mailing out our Christmas cards (I will post next week! so cute!!), wrapping some presents, and writing some new blog posts for ya'll! 

So this Friday I leave you with a few baubles . . . 

Mr. Hotpants got a new car  . . . the ultimate commuting car! The Honda Civic Natural Gas car!  I thought it was going to smell funny, drive slow, and have zero pick-up . . . BUT I was wrong.  I love it . . . kinda a little jealous! You see the hubs and I commute 100 miles each day (50 miles each way to work) so the main issues are carpool lane for traffic, gas costs, and our environmental footprint!  This little car solved all of those for us.  It has the carpool sticker so you can zip in that baby alone and get NO tickets!!! It takes "natural gas" (like what you cook with on your stove!) and I can fill the tank up for $12!!!! and natural gas is a clean-burning fuel!   It drives great, not slow and has a normal gas-fueled car pick-up! All the electronics inside are awesome too!  The only thing you have to know is where the CNG gas stations are....we are lucky enough to have one by Mr. Hotpants office and one not far from the house

Thanks to my sister-in-law for the heads-up we were able to get a great photo session with an amazing Santa Claus!  He was the REAL deal . . . like I kid you not I was sure Donder and Blitzen were hanging in the garage!!! 

We picked up our tree this past Tuesday night with my dad "Papa" . . . (it was perfectly quiet compared to getting it on the weekend) and we got it at Home Depot .... amazing trees, great help and we got a 10ft-er for $99 which you can't beat . . .this baby would be $300 at a Christmas tree lot!  She is a beauty and her name is "Sparkles" (duh!!!).  We have half-decorated her, and when I say "half" I mean 2 little munchkins have stuck almost all the decorations on 1-2 branches at their height! So this weekend we will be finishing it up and putting out some other decorations which I will post pic's of next week!

Loving this little nook in our bedroom . . . I am so excited to get working on this room in the new year and make some beautiful moody changes.  My wonderful mama is making some euro shams for me out of this fabulous fabric and I H&M finally got their linen duvet back in stock in Queen/King sizes so I ordered it ASAP before it sold out again (remember I go t it for little Ms. E's room here) .... I am also looking at some new hardware for the side tables and my little desk!  (Yes that is "Max" our elf hiding in our tree!)

FINALLY the weather has cooled down and it feels somewhat like Fall/Winter here in SoCal . . . . had our first rain and the girls were loving it!!!!

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