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Run, run, run

So I asked for this runner from Mama Santa this year and got it! I L O V E it sooooo much and such a great price for a runner $110!!  But it ended up not working for where I wanted it to go - master bathroom!

Our master bathroom is a weird shape and I want runner to go where our double sink is; I have tried two different ones because I love the look of a Moroccan shag rug in a bathroom but because our bathroom is all white the Moroccan ivory wool looks dingy, yellow and old in a not pretty way against the tile floor . . . . so I have been moving my runner around to see where she is prettiest. 

Right now I have her in our hallway, in front of our mirrored doors, in our bedroom . . . I like her there but I am thinking of trying her in the kitchen (Mr. Hotpants is not going to have this as he is the chef in the house BUT I will try!), and our hallway to the girls bedrooms!

What do you think?

For the bathroom I think I am going to try something more along these lines & colors . . . 

Oh I almost forgot . . . I bought a few of these doorstops for the house because some of our doors swing shut (cons of living in an earthquake state) . . . you can see one in the photo above at our bedroom door!  I am thinking of painting them either gold, white or a fun bright color!!! Thoughts???

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