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Traveling with 2 littles

So the last time we traveled with the girls was when Harper was 6mths old and didn't walk so it was relatively easy on the flight.  This time it was a little more "on-your-toes-constant-entertaining" during the flights with a 4, almost 5yr old (did absolutely fine - no bother at all) and a 2.5 yr old who did amazing but who definitely wanted to explore and was in constant motion/conversation the entire flight ( has no idea how to talk/sing with headsets on lol)

The flight to Philly was great 4hrs 50mins . . . the flight home to LA was L O N G . . . .we sat on the runway for about an hour before take off which made the total time sitting on the airplane 6hrs and 25mins . . . very hard for 2 little bottoms to stay put in a confined area! 

I wanted to list a few things that helped us . . . 

Numero Uno - this gadget was perfect for all our entertainment needs.  Both girls could watch the same movie/cartoon/game/music on the iPad or DVD player (we had both with us!!!) and it even has enough docks that Mr. Hotpants and I could have watched Beauty and the Beast 45 times with the girls too!

I also bought2 pairs of these headsets (they have different animals but there was no way I was up for that fight so we got 2 the exact same!)  . . . they were great and entertaining for them.

I could have gotten these but not as fun and now seeing how much they were thrown on the ground and stuffed in and out of bags I'm glad I opted for the cheaper ones! .... when they are older I will probably get the better ones : )

We have two of these and they were all packed to go the night before but at the last minute I changed my mind! I think they are amazing and cant wait to use them when the girls are a little older.  I'm so glad we didn't take them because it would have been two more things we would have ended up carrying! And they are hard cases so not the easiest "throw-on-your-back" backpack carrying . . . . I think when the girls are 4 and 6 these will be great! But our 2yr old would have left this all over the airport! 

This is the best ipad case! It really protects the iPad; trust me ours was thrown around, dropped, dragged, watched on the airplane floor (don't judge anything to keep them from going crazy 30,000 miles up!) 

The other thing I did was hit up the $1 aisle at Target before we left (without the girls so as it would be a surprise on the plane) and bought each of them a new coloring book, markers/crayons, mini play-doh set, fun socks, sticker pack and new "lipstick" (Chapstick) and put them all in a cute little pencil bag.  I also bought some new fun healthy (natural & organic) snacks for the plane - fruit snacks, granola bars, crackers, squeezy veggie pouches) and packed each girlie a little lunch bag in their backpack too!   

Do you have any tips on traveling with littles? I would love to hear about them!

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