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Mama Moments

When you have kids there are so many tiny fleeting moments that you want to etch into the walls of your brain to have forever but it is so hard with everyday life rushing by to stop and mentally jot them down or even physically write them down in a journal.  But they are so pure, so honest, so raw and most of the time hilarious that you want to savor them and keep them so you can re-live them once the littles are grown and smile and laugh at the joy they bring you. 

I decided to force myself to stop and take note of these moments so I'm going to start a series called "Mama Moments" to share some of these little conversations, the little everyday "if's" and "but's" with you.

To set the stage this was a few weeks ago; it was a particularly long hard week, I had (have) a really sore (pinched nerve?) neck and I was exhausted because both girls were sick and had been up a few nights in a row.  The girlies were in the bath but they were arguing over everything and anything and I kept having to go in and out and diffuse (maybe yell a little) to get them to stop bickering, poking, splashing each other.  

Later when I was reading books to little Ms. E in her bed this conversation took place:

E: "Mama, I just want to say I'm sorry"

Me: "For what? You haven't done anything"

E: "Well I just want to be honest; I was saying something not nice in the bath.  I was saying "you're such a pain in the butt, you're such a pain in the butt"

Me: "Well, that was not a nice thing to say to your little sister (Harper) but thank you for telling me and being honest"

E: "I wasn't saying it to Harper, I was saying it to you"

Me: "Oh"

Her honesty, innocence and pureness had me, and the content just made me laugh out loud I couldn't help it.  It was a mama moment . . . a favorite one at that.

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