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Old pillows

First of all I wanted to wish a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best mum in the whole universe . . . this lady is the bee's knees, the bread and butter, the rock I crumple over when I need to pull myself together.  She is the real deal and I love you so much, Mum!

Ok now on to today's post . . . 

Such a fantastic idea .....I think I'm going to try this!!! "Mum, I'm going to need your sewing machine . . . "

Sew old pillowcases together to make floor cushions (read here)

"Throughout the years I have collected dozens of pillowcases. Mostly due to the fact that my tastes have changed or I've had to purchase excess pillows for visitors, I have quite the stockpile in my linen closet. Now that I'm moving into a smaller space, I won't need to keep such a large inventory of pillows and pillowcases, and I found the perfect use for them. Inspired by the Bed In A Bag from Great Life Trading Co, my pillowcases would be perfect for these floor cushions. It's such an extremely easy DIY that there's honestly no point in purchasing an already constructed one. 

Roundup five old pillowcases that you don't use anymore, because we all know it's much better to re-purpose than buy new! Sew them together at the seams, leaving the openings clear so you can later insert pillows. Once they're all sewn together, insert pillows! You can either leave the sides open or better yet — add snap buttons so the pillows stay put, but are easy to remove when you need to wash the pillowcases.

This is such a great way to re-purpose old pillows and pillowcases that would otherwise collect dust in the closet or end up in the trash."

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