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mummy moment

Sometimes as a mum, a wife, a woman, a working person, trying to balance it all out, I feel the need to feel "normal" . . . that I am not the only one who doesn't have all the answers, not the only one who feels like I am failing on almost all fronts of my life. Don't get me wrong, 99.9% of the time I thrive on being busy and good-stress, and I love all aspects of my life but there are just sometimes that it all becomes overwhelming and when children are added into that equation the guilt can seem insurmountable at times.  So the other night I was just feeling really low and I posted on my FB page (which is just to my closest fiends and family) this comment . . . 

"Sometimes I suck as a mum."

And I am not writing this post as a "woe is me," I decided to write this to share the wonderful comments my friends left for me.  It reinforced my belief that we need to love and support and nurture each other.  That we are all in the same race, all up against, maybe not the same challenges, but challenges none the less.  We need to build each other up, not tear each other down.  It takes a village . . . and these peeps are my village . . . THANK YOU

"No no. Don't think that. Being a mum is hard sweetie. Don't ever doubt yourself. Children do not come with instructions. We learn as we go"

"I getchya. Feel it daily..."

"I had one of those days too today. Hang in there. Just finished a glass of "mommy juice" to ease the pain."

"We all sometimes suck as moms. This sh*t is hard! You're amazing and your girls will remember nothing but that amazing-ness."

'You are a wonderful mother! I think every parent who is honest has felt the same at times. Life can be messy and difficult but you are doing a great job! Don't beat yourself up!"

"Don't worry, we all have moments like that but in the grand scheme of things we do alright and the kids survive"

"I can't say that I know anything about your parenting skills other than what you post on FB ... that being said, the fact that you LOVE your family so much speaks volumes. Being a mom is tough but I'm sure you're doing a fantastic job (bc you're a fantastic person)"

"I suck as a Mum, and as a Dad!"

"I don't think so!!!! You are super mom in my eyes : )"

"You have too much patience with the girls. You are doing an amazing job. Not many Mums and Dads leave for work as early as you both do"

And if you haven't already, or even if you have, watch this . . . again and again and again. 

The weekend

As I said before March is a crazy birthday month for our family (4 total) but this weekend we are finally having a quiet weekend with no plans other than a Pink Ladybugs 9am soccer game on Saturday and a possible BBQ so . . .

I have big plans to finish spraying my Craigslist chairs gold (they are primed and half gold, but I had some bubbling (I think it was too hot the day I sprayed) so I need to go back and sand them again ... ugh) . . .

and to tackle an exciting DIY with this marble contact paper!!! Look how great this one turned out . . .


A nice surprise

I  go back and forth between Bedhead, Kerastase, Moroccan Oil and RedKen All Soft shampoos & conditioners but I ran out last month and in a pinch (at Target) picked up these new shampoo & conditioners.

I have to say I am quite surprised at how good they are! They smell wonderful and leave my hair feeling really fresh, light and super soft and smooth . . . definitely worth a try; they have ones for all different types of hair.

Collaboration perfect!

I have always loved Oliver Peoples sunglasses.  They have great silhouettes, feel wonderful on and have such a great selection of styles.  But did you know that they collaborated with Isabel Marant and launched two gorgeous styles of sunglasses this Spring??? I just found them and I sooooo NEED these but which ones?

The Matt

The Daria

tearing it up

Our wonderful dog, Lucy Sue, decided to pee twice on my white Moroccan rug!!! We had to toss it because I could not get the smell out! So now I'm rug hunting and I am loving on these rugs!!! 

The colors are amaze-balls, right?

Wedding: Ceremony & Reception

So to finish my Wedding post here are some pics from the ceremony and reception . . .  the French don't believe in taking 2 hours away from your guests to take photos, they believe you are supposed to enjoy and savor all the parts of your wedding; be at the cocktail reception after the ceremony, laugh and live in the moment with your family and friends so there were not tons of photos and I am so thankful we did it this way because we enjoyed our day SO much and I remember it all so clearly (well at least up until my brother-in-law had to carry me up to our wedding suite! - long story; for another post perhaps ha ha ha)

 My Beautiful mum and sister!

 I had two tops and two sashes made; I wore one to the ceremony and the other (pictured above) to the reception

Wedding: The Prep

I posted a photo a few weeks back of my wedding day on my Instagram and I got so many responses asking for more photos . . .  so here we go!  We got married in the South of France in a little picturesque town called Arles.

It was the most magical few days of my life.  We had our families and closest friends with us and it was a long weekend filled with love, great food, champagne, dancing and laughter.  We had the ceremony and reception at the Hotel Jules Cesar (which is now being refurbished in collaboration with Christian Lacroix!! say what!!!) 

The photos were taken by a well known Parisian photographer and our wedding was actually published in CosmoBride the UK edition . . . our wedding album was done in a very traditional European album with hand-printed prints so these look pretty bad because they are iPhone pic's I took from the album.

I had tuberose in my bouquet; the florist said to put a fragrant flower in my wedding bouquet so that every time I smelled that flower it would remind me of this day:and to this day when I smell tuberose that is the only thing I think about

My amazing little sister did my make-up for the day (eyelashes and all!) and my mum (an amazing hairdresser - I know I'm SO lucky!!) did my hair and it was exactly how I wanted it!

Me and my dad . . . he cried more than me

Our piper that flew in from Scotland to pipe me down the aisle . . . Tom - he was wonderful!

Inside the chapel at the Hotel Jules Cesar (a 17th century Carmelite convent converted into a hotel)

shopping at home . . .

I have been bored with my closet recently.  Bored of my pants, and leggings and sweaters.  I am lucky enough to live where the sun pretty much always shines so I can switch it up.  I work full-time so I have to be professional but can keep my fashion sense and dont have to wear business suits!

So this past week I decided to "shop" my own closet because even though I "never have anything to wear," my clothes take up about almost all of the 2 closets we have (sorry Mr. Hotpants!).  I normally do not wear dresses or skirts because, truth be told,  I am not a huge fan of my legs but in learning to love myself and realizing I have been running now for almost a year; I decided my legs were looking better than they have so to heck with it!

This is a Theory suede skirt from like 12yrs ago!!!, T by Alexander Wang tank (similar here), F21 heels & faux fur vest, necklace was a gift from my sis

H&M skirt (old), F21 sweater, Nine West work heels (a steal for $24 here)

birthday week in review

We have two birthdays in March . . . Little Ms. E and Mr. Hotpants! So we celebrated like it was 1999 . . .

It started with Ms. E's first Soccer game . . . Go Pink Ladybugs!

Followed by the Big 5th Birthday party - Princess Tea Party!!!!

 Awesome company for character theme parties (they have superheros too!)

Then packing for a Disneyland minication . . . We went for 2 days; girls favorite part? Staying in the hotel! 

 this is Ms. E's bags . . . all 6 of them! and not one of them had any clothes in them! lol . . . 

View from our hotel . . . I seriously recommend this hotel if you have children and you want to stay near the park but not pay $500/night. It has a shuttle to and from Disneyland so no need to drive.   They have suites that have rooms with bunk-beds, a kids eating area with little tables & chairs, a TV with Disney movies playing and a "warm cookies and milk" happy hour in the restaurant downstairs so parents can have a great meal and relax!
 View from our room . . . love the pattern of the driveway in to the hotel!

 Mesmerized by how high up we were 

 The carpet in the hotel hallways . . . loved it!

 Hotel morning picnic! 

 pool time . . oh and they have an outdoor fire-pit that you can get s'mores kits for!!! 

We have Disneyland annual passes so we were able to go in and out of the parks both days; great to be able to take a break and nap or swim in the pool then head back in for dinner!

There were LOTS of these . . . and it was so nice!
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