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The day that seemed like it would never happen . . . my beautiful baby girl turned "5" today . . how did that happen? When she was just a few months old "5" seemed like a lifetime away . . . but it sneaks up on you.  This little girl is the one who made me a mama; the one who showed me that a mothers love is not just a feeling, not just a thing on a Hallmark card; but a primal, in-your-bones, in every fiber of your body and soul LOVE.  

She is the most beautiful, empathetic, loving, thoughtful little soul I have ever met.  She loves with her whole little heart and cries at sad movies or at hearing a sad story.  She  loves her little sister and her cousins; adores her friends at school and loves her science and art classes.  She has begged me to take singing lessons so she has her first voice lesson in 2 weeks.  When I am grumpy she is always the one to remind me that we should be nice and loving to each  other.  She likes to be close to me, loves to snuggle, and will always be my "chicken pants" . . 

Happy Birthday my little Poppy


 Don't be fooled by the wrapping paper; its all Princesses under there!

Sweet little Princess tiara rice crispie treats for her class (I could not do any of this without our absolutely wonderful nanny, Coco, who is not only my friend but a real life Mary Poppins! so grateful)

If I am not around the next few days it's because we have her first soccer game, her Princess birthday party and then we are headed to Disneyland for 2 days to celebrate!  But I will try to get a post or two in!

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