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Let's Pay less

We stopped by Payless over the weekend to pick up ballet and tap shoes for both the girls . . . such a better price than a real dance store especially when their feet grow exponentially every other month and their choice in what activities they like to do also!

But I digress (as I have habit to do) and the reason I'm here is to share these beauties we picked up for little Ms. E while we were there (she picked them out) . . .  only $15 each and they are super comfy with a padded footbed . . . (I am tempted to get the white ones in my size (yes I can wear kids sizes!))  I also want to note that Payless kids shoes have lasted longer than any Target or Old Navy shoes in my house!

 get them here

the color choices of these are so fun!

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  1. Such cute shoes. I have Payless shoes that have laster forever too. I am so jealous you can wear childrens shoes (there are so many cute ones!)



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