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Food for Thought!

So to say weekdays are a little busy in our abode is an understatement. Mr. Hotpants and I both work full-time in Los Angeles & commute about 50 miles each way to work 5 days a week!  Mr. Hotpants manages his two private practices, is doing his doctorate and getting his Master's in Brewing degree phew . . .  and I have an ever-changing, challenging career that keeps me on my toes and happy.  We have our 2 beautiful girlies that are lovingly taken care of by our amazing life-changing nanny, Coco, but as soon as we hit our front door it is like a circus of excitement and the girls want to share every little detail of their day with mama and dada! . . . needless to say in order for us to eat somewhat healthy, spend some quality time with our girls and not stand over the stove for 2hrs each night we have found some wonderful dishes that help us . . . mainly from Trader Joe's!

They are all in their frozen section. While frozen foods (vegetables) are still second to fresh veggies, they are still packed with nutrients.  All of these can be microwaved but I use the stove-top because I am not a fan of microwaving food.  These are all fairly healthy, low in fat and sodium, easy to make on the stove, and pretty darn yummy! We usually do a mix of 2-3 salad nights and 2-3 pasta nights then the weekends are all about the BBQ and margaritas!!!! And for BBQ nights, Mr. Hotpants is all about fresh veggies, organic meats and yummy homemade grub!

Meals: Penne Arrabbiata, Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina, Mushroom Ravioli

Salads/Vegetables: Kale/brussel sprout salad mix (Costco), Sugar snap peas (add to salads and for snacks - my girls LOVE them), Mixed broccoli & cauliflower bags (we get 3 bags/wk)

Side Dishes: Spelt Risotto (veggies & Chickpeas), Melodious Blend (lentils, garbanzo beans), Chimichurri Rice (Peruvian rice with vegs), Roasted butternut squash risotto

We usually have the salad or side dishes with a protein (veggie burger for me, chicken breast for Mr. Hotpants or soy nuggets).  And with the actual meals on top the Penne arrabbiata I usually add spicy Italian soy sausages and fresh broccoli/cauliflower to it.  My littlest one LOVES the gnocchi, Peruvian rice and the butternut squash risotto! 

The reason I love getting these at Trader Joe's is because I can read and pronounce ALL the ingredients that are in them (no weird chemicals, preservatives or colorings)

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  1. How funny we do all the top ones too, will have the action the second and third row too - they are a life saver. My eldest heats them up and takes them for lunch


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