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Things have been off-schedule for the past few weeks and man does that get me all turned around!  School let out and I was off with my girlies for a little over a week before there summer program began.   I got to hang out with my mama, some friends in LA and OC and we did lots of bubbles - big bubbles (great set here), played dress-up and took lots of "girls-only" baths!

Then I had a week long training at work with made for a totally different commuting schedule (no carpooling with Mr. Hotpants) and lots of traffic.  

So I just wanted to share a few things that have been happening from my iPhone . . . .

I worked with the wonderful Sara Mueller again to design some business cards for my blog.  I love what we came up with! She is fantastic to work with (she did my About Me page too) and she has a fabulous blog (here) . . . I had my cards made by Moo.com and I L O V E them!

As I said the girls played dress-up quite a bit . . . here is my little fire-breathing dragon (those lips!)

And this beauty!!!!! she is getting SO big hence the belly showing in this pic - this is a dress-up outfit that USED to fit her not long ago

This happens to me ALL THE TIME . . . sheer panic!

If you read this post then you will know that we are looking to spruce up the backyard.  I have started getting quotes for a new fence and this is the look we want . . . a vinyl white picket fence with the flat posts above (withstands weather conditions better) So far it is looking to be quite a hefty project . . . we have so much fence to put up its going to cost $$$

you are going to be jealous

I will warn you now that you are going to be jealous after this post and looking for a custom painting of yourself . . . I know,  I know it sounds silly but just wait . . . 

A month or so ago Mr. Hotpants and I went on a date night and I may have had one too many glasses of Prosecco that led to a slight hangover the next morning.  Anyway it was a beautiful sunny day, I threw on some shorts and a tank top, skipped the bra and we sat outside, had breakfast, blew bubbles and I nursed my hangover with water and coffee.  

Little Ms. Emerson asked if she could paint with her watercolor paints and naturally I obliged (I actually don't think I answered and she took that as YES!) . . . she sat at her little picnic table and happily painted away for a good 20minutes all the while looking up at me then down at her paper again.

Eventually she came over and presented this beautiful portrait of me reclining in my chair with my red hair flowing.  She was especially impressed with getting my skin color "right" because "skin is a really hard color to make mum!" . . . I agree and I love the sun-kissed tan she gave me, albeit I may need to wear more sunscreen.  

But the one thing she definitely wanted me to notice was the little blob of skin-colored paint that was on the side of my shirt.  

"mum, do you see that little skin piece right there coming out your shirt?"

"Yes I do, what is that honey?"

"It's your boobie, its sticking out . . . see!" (as she points to my side-boob)

So there you have it peeps, I have a hand-painted watercolor portrait of myself with side-boob . . . beat that!

Pretty sure this piece of art is  p r i c e l e s s

little gems

I love browsing Ikea's "What's New" section on their website to see what fun interesting things I find.  Here is what caught my eye this week . . .

 Rug (here)
Another fun rug (here) . . . I think these would look great in a playroom or under a kitchen table or even a nice white living room

A balance beam! My girls are in gymnastics and would love this . . but great for helping kids develop their coordination and balance (here)

These floating storage shelves are beautiful . . . I love the lines and mint and white? yes, please (here)

I am loving the color combo on this pillow (here)

This little tray accent table! . . . great for a home with kiddos for toys or books (here) and would look fab painted a fun color!

a great hostess gift - this fun pack of dishtowels! (here)

perfect trays for an east coast-themed BBQ (here)


Isabel Marant is just all kinds of wonderful.  Her designs are so feminine and lovely with a twist of snarky masculinity.

She has two fab lines: Isabel Marant (here) & Isabel Marant Etoile (here) - her less pricey line and she does clothes, jewelry and shoes (oh her shoes!!)  I have to get some of her pieces soon . . .  albeit on major sale though!!!!

dragging my feet

We have officially been in our "new" home 2yrs this month!!! In some ways it feels like forever and in other ways it feels like it was yesterday we were checking on the construction.

We did quite a bit of interior construction and upgrading before we moved in and did about, oh I'd say . . .  absolutely NOTHING to the backyard (oh except move the hot-tub into the corner - it sat right out in the middle of the patio for some reason?)

But my mission is to get this place looking rad, wonderful, lovely, fab, and cozy!  We are always outside with the girls, playing bocci ball, BBQ-ing, swimming in our "pool" (aka spa), riding scooters, chalk painting, reading books and snuggling. 

I want to have a lounge/living room kind of area with a sofa, comfy chairs, flowy curtains on the pergola and a TV mounted somewhere, and a dining area with a table and a mix of chairs and benches.  Outdoor twinkle lights and lots of beautiful flowers; oh and a new fence that will make the backyard a little bigger and will give us more privacy form our neighbors.

We need some major landscaping done in the backyard too but we need to figure out our million dollar sprinkler problem before we plant more stuff that will inevitable die.  So once that is sorted and we can get plants in, we want some vegetable garden beds put in too!  Also I will be growing some beautiful vines up and over the pergola!

We can't do it all at once because it is just a lot of money so I will chip away at it.  I am having some people come this week to give us a quote on the fence and I bought all my supplies to paint the hot-tub myself!!!

The hot-tub was there when we bought the house and the inside is in great condition and we actually all use it way more than i thought we would.  Perfect pool for the girls in the hot summer!  But the outer fiberglass shell is not so pretty! It is a terracotta red/orange and has lots of marks and scratches! So I am painting it a nice medium grey and we are getting a nice new leather top so that at least it won't be such an eyesore!  

Here are some "before" photos . . . hoping this will hold me accountable to get it cleaned up!

Backyard dinner parties

So this summer I am really into entertaining  . . . our house is just made for it; it's what we fell in love with  (Although the backyard needs some major help - more to come on that soon) . . . so I have been looking at some pretties for entertaining that I want to buy . . . (I will need to buy an outdoor table and chairs too though lol) 

The thing that got my mind racing about backyard pretties was this amazing bamboo flatware set (get here or here) . . . so I bought 2 sets (come on for $18/set it would have been a crime not too!

A few other things I have my eye on . . . .

Wine glasses (here)

Party tub for bottles and bottles of sweet scrumptious Prosecco (here) . . .

and Cost Plus is killing it with its summer napkin selection (here). . . so hard to choose!

Love these tumblers (here) . . .

Love this for margaritas!!!! or a fruit-infused water mix! (here)

summa time

So to ensure we make the best of our summer days I want to make a "SummaTime Bucket List" for my babes and us.  I love this idea on the chalk wall and we have one but it is in the office . .  kinda want it out in the living area so we can see it daily.   Maybe a poster-board, puffy paint (haven't used since the 80's but oh how fun this would be!!) and some pompoms??? hmmmm I see a trip to Michaels in my near future.

Loving these inspiration lists  . . . going to have to pull a few from them. 

Definitley putting these two on my list . . . beach bonfire and a mustache flyer!!! that flyer is hysterical . . . I just want to do this to add a smile to someones face!

I might just dare

I have two sides to me; a Jekyll and Hyde of sorts.  I can be extremely organized, logical, scheduled, timeless, classic and a neat freak but then on the flip side I like a little chaos, surprises, unexpected twists, and to change things up.  Albeit my organized side gets the best of me most days because of just the nature of having two kids, a full-time career and all that goes with being scheduled down to the minute . . . . but I want to spice it up more.  Take chances, go on spontaneous nights away (Mr. Hotpants is really good at this one), have impromptu BBQ's (we are getting better at this) and buy crazy fun clothes . . . lol

That last one is not really out of the norm for me but I think I may just have to buy these . . . like I am weirdly drawn to them!

I am cosmically drawn to these Onzie workout capri's (here) . . . 

 I'm hoping they will make my bum look other-worldly like this!

Bikini bottoms galore (Don't blow the illusion X Amara) . . . I can't choose which I like more!

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