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So since having my blog a few friends and friends-of-friends have asked me to help them here and there for ideas in their home or specific rooms. I don't have any formal "education" in design or decorating; in fact my whole education (Undergrad and Masters) has been in the Biomedical/Pre-Med Sciences, but I have always had a creative side with a love for art, painting, fashion and decorating.  

I ask my client (lol) a lot of questions, get a feel for the look/mood they want for the room, get to understand the functionality they want for the room then I research the hullabaloo out of websites and Pinterest and magazines (for inspiration) then I put together a mood board in PowerPoint (I don't have any snazzy software for this).  I also do this a lot for myself when trying to figure out a pillow/fabric combo!  I am such a visual person so this always helps me when planning.

Here are some I have done more recently . . . 
This was one I did to figure out how to paint and upholster my thrift store chairs.

This was a bathroom mood board that I did for my fab sister-in-law's master bathroom . . . she asked for a romantic but fresh feel (I gave her a few rug choices) . . .

A pillow combo for my sister-in-law's living room . . .

This mood board is for a fabulous mama-friend's playroom/guest room.  The room serves as a playroom, guestroom (with a daybed/pull-out sofa bed) and her home office that she works out of so she wanted it kid-friendly but not like a preschool classroom . . .

This was the pillow combination board for out living room (I was outbid (ebay) on that great pillow on the bottom right!) 

My initial mood board for our living room when we got our new rug  . . .

Turned On

World Market is killing it in the lighting department for killer prices (here)!!!  These range from $35 - $250 which is great considering similar ones at other places can cost $500+ each . . . the beauty of these is that if you want you can spray paint almost any of them a fun color or gold to change them up a bit!

I'm thinking three of these in our entryway . . . sprayed a fun color! Coral, red, turquoise or my standard love; gold!

The weekend

I got some goodies in the mail this weekend.  I couldn't pass up the deals on the J. Crew Outlet clearance sale!!! An extra 50% off the clearance items.  I ordered these cute little things of the girls . . . the seahorse skirt is adorable!!

I got these babies for myself . . . they are SO good! only $7.50

I also bought this amazing marble vase from Amazon that I had to share with you . . . It is not sold as a vase; it is a utensil holder for the kitchen, but for a cararra marble vase that is substantial you would have to spend over $100 but this was $21 on Amazon (here) . . . it is a great size! I'll have to get some flowers in it and take a pic for you.

We celebrated my big brothers birthday this past Saturday night at a new restaurant in town, Reunion, and we had a blast (can't you tell from the pic!!) . . . I may have had one drink too many, I may have pretended to smoke peach flavored cigars, I may have gotten locked out my house and had to sleep at my lovely friends house and I may have felt horrible for the whole of Sunday! . . . . those are all "may have's," the only sure thing was that it was a fun night!  I L O V E my big brother so much ; such an amazing guy! Happy Birthday x o x o

My little sister, big brother and an excited me!

My fantastic sister-in-law and I doing our Bond Girl poses (please note I don't smoke and have never been a smoker (it's just not my jam); this was just fun; they smelled so good!)

Some more Bond Girl fabulousness with my beautiful friend Ms. S

clean lines

I think I have found some chairs that I want for our formal-informal living room.  I came across them at Ikea and fell immediately in love with their simplicity and angular clean lines ....Introducing the Mellby chair ($250 cloth and $500 leather)

They are a great (cheaper) version of the fantastic Milo Baughman chairs that are gorgeous, but cost a pretty penny (here) or you can scour vintage sites and stores for the vintage versions but they will run you some major $$ . . . some of his beauties

These brass ones above are so amazing!!! Vintage of course

 Doesn't this style/shape look fab in a living room facing a sofa!!!

And what makes this even better is I just found Bemz.com  Have you heard of it or seen it? It is what I have been wanting for years - custom designed covers for IKEA sofas and chairs!!! Why didn't I start this company?  So now you can buy better, more stylish fabric covers for most of Ikeas furniture!!! See these choices for the Mellby chairs (there are many more choices)

chambray linen? Y E S 


Have you listened to Katy Perry's "This Moment?"  . . . If you haven't, listen here.  The words are a wonderful reminder and I want to thank my beautiful step-sister, Kristin, for bringing it to my attention.

Here are her beautiful words . . .

Can you tell me
Who called the race?
Can anyone stay in one place?
And when you get to the finish line
Will you wish for more time or say
One day . . . One day you will
But maybe one day you will find
That you just can't push rewind
All we have is this moment
Tomorrow's unspoken
Yesterday is history
So why don't you be here with me?
All we have is this moment
To put our love into motion
Yesterday is history
So why don't you be here with me?
Be here with me now
Do you ever think that
We're just chasing our tails?
Like life is one big fast treadmill
And we pop what is prescribed
If it gets us first prize but you know
Who I . . . Who I think will win
Are the ones that love loving
Are the ones that take the time
'Cause refuge check is right now, right in front on you
Don't let the clock, the clock tell you what to do
If you check right now, I'm in front of you
Baby don't blink and miss
This moment

This constant feeling of having to remember to "live in the moment" and be present at all times because this is the time that matters and these minutes you will never get back is like a broken record playing over and over in my head everyday.  Especially now that we have two beautiful vivacious little girls.  I feel bombarded by people, editorials, blogs, songs, advice to savor every moment, enjoy each second with your kid because in the blink of an eye they are grown and gone . . . and I have to be honest all this A D V I C E panics & paralyzes me.   

I try, I try so very hard to be present in the situation that is going on in front of me but sometimes it is so hard.  When I am driving into work alone or on my morning run I remind myself to enjoy my time a work with my colleagues, to enjoy the time that I get to use my mind and be creative, to enjoy myself at home with my littles and Mr. Hotpants, to enjoy those special moments with my sister, brother, mum and dad and all my little nieces and nephews BUT then the actual real moments come and I am in those moments and I can't remember to be present and to enjoy them.  Life gets in the way of me relishing in these moments.  I feel like life is full of breaking up arguments over toys, time-outs, negotiations and compromises, routines and schedules and in all this commotion I am not enjoying the people in the commotion with me or around me, that I am "losing" all those precious moments.  

But recently I have been wondering if it is the messiness and craziness of life that make up those moments.  What if for this period in our lives (toddler years!!!) our "moments" will be blurry, fuzzy, laughable after the fact, and that is just how this part of our story will be remembered . . . exactly as it was lived.  It is hard for me to give up control, to let things be messy because it is not in my nature but for now, for this summer,  I'm going to try and take life a little less seriously and let it be a little more messy and see how the moments play out.

Deep breath . . .

in with the fresh, clean, white

out with the tense, dark, yuckiness

a little gem

I found a little gem of a consignment store the  other day right in my neck of the woods . . . I have been meaning to go in but never had the chance until yesterday and I am so glad I did because I found an amazing LBD!

I have followed Elin Kling for a while now.  She is a Swedish fashion blogger with fantastic style.  She collaborated with Guess by  Marciano last year and released a small collection of luxurious dresses, cashmere sweaters and tailored pants.  I loved every piece in the collection.  I never bought any because I never actually got to see them in person and they sold out immediately SO . . . 

you can imagine my excitement when I walked into the consignment store, saw a LBD hanging up on the wall, took it down and it was a "new with tags," never worn, size XS Elin Kling Karin dress (pictured above) for . . . wait for it . . . $35 (originally $360)!!! Better yet I tried it on and it fit like a glove! I bought it on the spot and cannot wait to wear it this Saturday on date night with Mr. Hotpants!  

Here are a few more pic's of it . . . 

 Love this combo! will have to pair it with a cozy sweater like this in the Fall

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