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The other day as I was driving to work I took a street I normally don't take to cut out some traffic and now I know that it happened for a reason!

I passed by a consignment store and two white chairs caught my eye!  I couldn't stop as I had to be at work for a meeting but I called later that day and asked if they were still available and the price.  The woman said they were still there but that 6 people had already called her that day and she won't hold them . . . oh and they were $90 each.  I told her I would stop in on the way home if I had time.  

I made time  . . . I walked in, looked at them and wanted them so bad, but I played it cool; wasn't sure I was going to pay $180 for them.  They had a sticker on them that said "$75 (2 set)" and I immediately ran to the checkout lady and asked her about the price . . . she said she thought they were more but that must be what they are . . . I said "S O L D," paid as fast as I could and peeled out the parking lot before she could say "Wait, they are $90/piece!"

They are in perfect condition, actually super comfortable and I am so excited to figure out the paint/fabric combo!

Some inspiration pic's . . . Love the stripe and the leopard!!!

Since I am not sure what room I want to put them in I'm thinking of painting them glossy black and using this fabric from Spoonflower for the cushion with black piping.  That way they are neural, but fun, enough to put in any of our rooms!

How awesome are these chairs in the same fabric!

Although part of me wants to go with a suzani or kilim- type of print like these . . . 

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