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Knowing your Style

I always love the ladies who have a style and stick to it.  They know what works for their bodies, they know what silhouettes accent their best features and they seem to look even more beautiful because they are comfortable in their own skin. 

One such lady, whose style I have always loved, is Keri Russell.  Mainly because she is a "pants" lady just like me. She always looks polished, chic and stunning but she sticks to her winning combo - skinny pants, great pair of heels and flattering some-what simple (flowy) top . . . take a look

These are white leather pants by J Brand! Love them! and what a great top . . . I love white-on-white

A modern classic look 

This is a stunning outfit she wore in Cannes . . . perfect in my book!

Another modern classic

Jeans, heels and a blazer = fab uniform

Loving the J Brand leather skinnies again!

leather and blazers!

great black ensemble . . . timeless 

But when she does wear a dress she goes simple with no fuss or frills!

Again leather with a flowy top

and another beautiful no-fuss dress . . . casual vibe with the pockets and bra-less

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  1. Ohhhh I love every one of these outfits! I have leather skinnies just haven't had a chance to wear them yet. This is inspiring.



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