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Modern Mama

I absolutely loved this interview on The Glow with Julie Bowen.  It was great to hear a celebrity mum grumble and complain as a regular mum like us!  I have had only one manicure in the past year too! She is one of my favorite actresses and her show "Modern Family" is da BOMB!!! All I can say is "Phil Dunphy"

Here are some excerpts from the interview that I loved . . .

"Being a mom is hard because I say no a hundred times a day."

"Home-mode is chlorine-soaked hair and discovering that A&D diaper ointment is a passable moisturizer in a pinch."

"Sometimes I think keeping my three boys alive means trading in my sense of humor for a drill sergeant’s vigilance."

 "Every now and again I sit down to a proper meal, but it’s disconcertingly rare. I eat cold waffles and tepid broccoli off my children’s plates."

"I have been known to paint only the one toenail peeking out of a peep-toe Louboutin before an event rather than spend an hour at a nail salon. It’s not perfect, it’s not classy, but I don’t care. I’m imperfect as hell."


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