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Under foot

It is no surprise to many of you who know me that I love rugs . . . but the ones  I would love to fill my house with (Moroccan, kilims, Turkish) cost around $800 - $4000 so until my littles are all growned up I will have use alternative affordable options because there are just too many spills, marker mishaps, accidents, and dirty feet for me to worry about a rug getting ruined. 

My favorite go-to place for affordable and great rugs is Urban Outfitters . . . and I just had to share because they have stepped up their rug-game majorly recently.  Look at some of these babies!!!!  These all range from $49 - $249 depending on the size.

 Love this for a little girls room or a nursery but would also look fab in a living room for an accent color with lots of white, natural wood and greens!

 this is a new one and it makes my heart beat fast!!! Pink, orange, navy and teal!!! 

 love the tassels on this runner (comes in a great blue too)

 classic, timeless and neutral

 I love the pattern and colors in this one!  Could pull so many accent colors from this for a room (great living room rug with a grey sectional and accent throw pillows that tie in with the rug colors!!!!)

 I love this rug . . . I think my girls would love it too! Perfect for a kids rooms, office, playrooms, or even under a dining room table!

 Tassels! Again!  This makes my heart flutter.  I think I want this for my laundry room! Or kitchen! or bathroom!

 Love love love the colors in this rug!   What a great color palette to build a nursery or kids room around! 

Hello . . . is it me your looking for?

Yes! I've been gone . . . for a while . . .  life got a little crazy and messy (again) . . but I wanted to check in today to say a quick hello and let you know I'll be back next week. 

I feel like I am just coming up for air after finally choosing a kindergarten for little Ms. E, getting her ready for it and Ms. H ready for preschool, juggling Mr. Hotpants 2 different school schedules, and an insanely crazy schedule for me at work but . . .

guess what 

Sooooooooo . . . I thought I would share how awesome our little weekend away to La Quinta Resort & Spa was with the girlies!!! Palm Springs is great because it only took 1hr 15mins to get there from our house so no biggie with the girls and this place was like its own little city!  It has something like 47 pools on the resort and you can use any so we had a private pool to ourselves each day (and night!)  

We stayed in a Spa Villa Suite and it was a 900sq ft condo! With gorgeous arched doorways, terra-cotta tiled floors, a full kitchen with an island and dining room and 3 outside patios and a private pool at the back door!  They have some great restaurants and little shops and the spa looked delish (next time I'll be going there)

 The main pool that we hung out at while our room was getting ready! Great drinks!

You can rent these awesome cabanas that serve you unlimited pitchers of lemonade, ice tea and water all day along with a complimentary fruit bowl that the girls loved! Oh and it has water-misters to help cool you down!  I would definitely look into renting one if you have kiddos . . great way to keep them out of that relentless desert sun!

 Heading out for some dinner with my favorite peeps!

Stunning plaza level with outdoor restaurants and live music and twinkle lights everywhere! beautiful and relaxing . . . the girls jumped around and danced all night

Beautiful buildings and grounds all over this place! Definitely going back soon!

We were mostly doing this all weekend!

Crushing on Copper

I got an email over the weekend from Urban Outfitters and it has given me copper fever!  Look at all these yummy goodies!


They are also having a crazy great sale on BDG jeans (here) . . .  I have heard nothing but great things about this brand and they are affordable!. . .  some styles are on sale for $39! Might have to grab a few pairs for my fall wardrobe!

less laughs in the world today

I had to post a few words on one of my most favorite comedians and actors of all time . . . Robin Williams.  He was different, he was kind, he was giving, he was phenomenal, he was human, he was vulnerable, he was hysterical, he was witty, he was that familiar voice we all loved, he was life, he was alone, he was depressed, he was part of my childhood and adulthood, he was a diamond in the rough.  

When I heard the news yesterday driving home from work, I picked up the phone and called my dad immediately . . . it just felt right.  Like I had to tell him that a dear friend of ours had passed.  My dad and I share a very special bond over comedians, comedy and laughing.  For as long as I can remember I would watch comedy shows, bloopers, America's Funniest Home videos with my dad and we would (and still do) snort laugh and cry with laughter.  We share the "love of comedy and laughter"gene that Robin Williams could tickle so very much.  He loved Robin Williams as much as I did . . . and we both feel as though the world will have less belly laughs today because we have lost this wonderful friend.

My love and prayers to his family, his children and the comedy community

I can't say I understand or know the full scope of what depression and addiction feels like, but I know from my very short periods of postpartum depression, where I used medications and saw therapists, that it terrified me and was the darkest most alone place I have ever experienced in my whole life.  Even though I was surrounded by the most loving, supportive and understanding family and friends I still felt so alone.  I was lucky.  I had PPD for a few months and was able to take medication for 6-12mths and then I was okay.  My heart aches for someone who suffers from this day-in, day-out for years.  I cannot begin to imagine their pain, their void, their helplessness . . . my heart goes out to all of those people who suffer from depression and the families who are standing by their side.  

You never know the sadness someone feels inside.  Let this be a reminder to all of us to be kind to everyone.  You never know who needs it most.

Happy Weekend

We have decided to go for a little getaway for our 10yr anniversary and because we miss them and are working so much right now we are bringing our baby girls with us! They are at a fun age right now and are always asking when they can "stay in a hotel again," they love hotel rooms and make themselves right at home immediately.   They are quite the packers too, as in they pack EVERY book, toy and teddy they can squeeze into their bags and ZERO clothing! 

We will be staying at the LA Quinta Resort & Spa, a little past Palm Springs (here).  We haven't stayed here before but have heard nothing but great things and I love the old Spanish, terracotta and tile style that it is all done in.  We were also able to get a Villa Suite which is fantastic especially on such short notice.  It is much more enjoyable to take the girlies with us if we can put them to bed, close the door and have a place to snuggle up, pour a glass of wine and watch a movie.  This one has a full kitchen, living room, bedroom and two fireplaces so I am exited and you bet, even though its to be 102 in Palm Springs, I will have the fireplaces on at night to cozy up in front of with Mr. Hotpants and our littles.

Happy Weekend everyone!


Ten years ago today I married my "Mr. Hotpants" in a small intimate ceremony in a little town in the South of France, called Arles.  It was wonderful, magical and fun and I will forever be taken back to that day with one whiff of a tuberose.  

It's hard to put into words the wonderfulness that is YOU . . . you constantly amaze me with your HUGE love for our girls, your unwavering dedication to your career and school, your "never complaining" attitude (which I could use some of) and your love for me.

Here we stand ten years, a puppy, two homes, two businesses, two beautiful baby girls, and years of wonderful memories, some up, some down but always moving forward together.

You will always be my Pookie, you will always love me "more," you will always be my friend, you will always be my one, you will always be my baby daddy.  I love you so much

Love you to Delaware and back

Ten years separate these bracelets.  The silver one Mr. Hotpants bought for me at an evening, outdoor market in Arles a few days after our wedding in 2004, and the gold one is an YSL classic that Mr. Hotpants got me for my birthday this year.

Happy Anniversary Babe

Have you met?

I would like to introduce you, if you have not already had the pleasure, to C H A I R I S H!

Chairish is all sorts of fabulous and I apologize now for the loss of your next 3-5hours . . . you will not be able to stop browsing the awesome finds on their site . . . seriously, I'm sorry.

"Chairish.com makes it fun and easy for design lovers to buy and sell pre-loved decor to one another. Our shop exclusively features curator-approved treasures in a full-service and trustworthy environment."
"Buy. Sell. Adore."

The vintage treasures you can find on here are amazing, like this hot pink Danish teak lounge chair by Arne Vodder.  Once I saw it I couldn't help but pull together a little inspiration living room board based around it . . . I would love to chill in this living room with a glass of wine, cozied up in this chair watching my littles play all around.   

Their collection of accent chairs is fantastic . . . check it out here and again my apologies! Just pour yourself a nice hot coffee and enjoy your afternoon with Chairish.

Jaw Dropping

I have kept in touch with a friend of mine from High school through Facebook over the years.  In High School she was nothing short of brilliant; a fantastic attitude and outlook and far older in her maturity and refinement than anyone else I knew, and she was smart as hell to boot!  We were never best friends but had a mutual respect and friendship that started in Junior High School through to High School  It was no shock to me that she went on to live a fab life starting in SF to now, NY.  

She recently got married and shared some pic's on FB and I was absolutely mesmerized at the wedding and her beauty and when I asked about the details, it made the whole event even more brilliantly chic and timeless.  I immediately asked her if I could share her wedding story and some photos on my blog and she agreed!  So here you go a little snapshot into the wonderful World of Anna & Daniel.

She answered a few questions I had . . . 

Can you give me a little background on yourself:
Well, as you know, we went to high school together, and then I ran off to UC Berkeley. : )  Nowadays, I live in Brooklyn and work as an editorial director for a digital advertising agency called Huge. So I guess that AP English class paid off. 
And how about a little background on your handsome hubby:
Daniel is also an editor, but his medium is images instead of words. He works on feature film productions, and I try to go see each one of his movies in the theatre and wait to see his name in the credits at the end! (My favorite so far has been Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom.)

I desperately NEED details on your wedding day attire:
       Dress – J. Mendel
Shoes – Jimmy Choo (ok peeps I found them here on sale!)
Clutch – Vintage
Jewelry – brass cuff from a street vendor

And that wonderful suit your hubby wore:
       Suit – J. Crew (and a really good tailor)
Shoes – Salvatore Ferragamo

How did you plan the wedding:
We wanted to plan the wedding relatively quickly, because my sister is also getting married later this year and we didn’t want to steal her thunder. So we came up with a simple wedding plan that we could pull off in six months. That meant we did away with a lot of the usual wedding formalities: no wedding party, no sit-down dinner, no cake, no flowers, no bridal gown. Not even an aisle to walk down! Instead, we decided to throw an evening cocktail party for 85 of our closest friends and family, and let Manhattan supply the dramatic backdrop. We found an amazing furnished photo studio called Gary’s Loft, located right next to the Empire State Building, and knew right away that it was the perfect space. (The roof deck didn’t hurt.) The wedding felt modern and relaxed, and more importantly, it felt like “us.” People kept asking me if I felt stressed out or overwhelmed planning the wedding, but honestly the answer is no. I handled most of the strategic decision-making, but Daniel was awesome at executing the plans. (If you ever need to arrange a candle cluster by height, you should really see what he can do with a spreadsheet.) We kept the moving parts to a minimum, and hired a great wedding planner to handle the rest. I wouldn’t change a thing!

Who were your fab photographers:
The biggest expense we saved was on wedding photos, because two of our friends lent their talents as a gift to us. They are both professional photographers, but neither one specializes in weddings… which I think actually worked in our favor, because the photos have such a great editorial feel.

 I found them here on sale!

To see the entire FABULOUS day check out their website here

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