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Ten years ago today I married my "Mr. Hotpants" in a small intimate ceremony in a little town in the South of France, called Arles.  It was wonderful, magical and fun and I will forever be taken back to that day with one whiff of a tuberose.  

It's hard to put into words the wonderfulness that is YOU . . . you constantly amaze me with your HUGE love for our girls, your unwavering dedication to your career and school, your "never complaining" attitude (which I could use some of) and your love for me.

Here we stand ten years, a puppy, two homes, two businesses, two beautiful baby girls, and years of wonderful memories, some up, some down but always moving forward together.

You will always be my Pookie, you will always love me "more," you will always be my friend, you will always be my one, you will always be my baby daddy.  I love you so much

Love you to Delaware and back

Ten years separate these bracelets.  The silver one Mr. Hotpants bought for me at an evening, outdoor market in Arles a few days after our wedding in 2004, and the gold one is an YSL classic that Mr. Hotpants got me for my birthday this year.

Happy Anniversary Babe

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