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less laughs in the world today

I had to post a few words on one of my most favorite comedians and actors of all time . . . Robin Williams.  He was different, he was kind, he was giving, he was phenomenal, he was human, he was vulnerable, he was hysterical, he was witty, he was that familiar voice we all loved, he was life, he was alone, he was depressed, he was part of my childhood and adulthood, he was a diamond in the rough.  

When I heard the news yesterday driving home from work, I picked up the phone and called my dad immediately . . . it just felt right.  Like I had to tell him that a dear friend of ours had passed.  My dad and I share a very special bond over comedians, comedy and laughing.  For as long as I can remember I would watch comedy shows, bloopers, America's Funniest Home videos with my dad and we would (and still do) snort laugh and cry with laughter.  We share the "love of comedy and laughter"gene that Robin Williams could tickle so very much.  He loved Robin Williams as much as I did . . . and we both feel as though the world will have less belly laughs today because we have lost this wonderful friend.

My love and prayers to his family, his children and the comedy community

I can't say I understand or know the full scope of what depression and addiction feels like, but I know from my very short periods of postpartum depression, where I used medications and saw therapists, that it terrified me and was the darkest most alone place I have ever experienced in my whole life.  Even though I was surrounded by the most loving, supportive and understanding family and friends I still felt so alone.  I was lucky.  I had PPD for a few months and was able to take medication for 6-12mths and then I was okay.  My heart aches for someone who suffers from this day-in, day-out for years.  I cannot begin to imagine their pain, their void, their helplessness . . . my heart goes out to all of those people who suffer from depression and the families who are standing by their side.  

You never know the sadness someone feels inside.  Let this be a reminder to all of us to be kind to everyone.  You never know who needs it most.

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