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setting the mood

One of the things we did when we moved into our house 2 yrs ago (feels like yesterday) was install recessed lighting throughout the house and what a difference it made!  I knew I would want some pendant lights or vintage fixtures hung one day so we had some spots wired for that too . . . well that day has come! I am itching to put up some new fun lighting in a few spots in our house.

The first spot is in our entry way. . . it still has the 3 pendant lights that were there when we moved in.

I have thought about spraying the existing ones a fun color but I am also thinking three of either one of these may look sharp too! 

Possibly spray them a fun color like this red!

The next spot is this area . . . I would love to hang sconces on either side of the photos!

And I am loving some of these choices . . .

Any thoughts?

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