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Happy Friday Sweets 

I have been crazy busy this week! Work is busy, Mr. Hotpants has craziness going on with his clinics and he started back at school this week (getting his doctorate) and we are trying to figure out little Ms. Em's kindergarten situation for this year (Sept).  We are looking at transferring to a different public school or private school; we have been touring schools and talking to peeps because today is the last day to transfer in our district! Ahhhh!!  Thank goodness it's the weekend . . . I need some prosecco stat!

Although I must say our weekend is kinda booked too but I plan on getting a few things done:

1.  As January is always my "cleaning out" month we have a HUGE pile of clothes, toys, and furniture getting picked up by a local charity organization tomorrow! Love the feeling of helping others and sharing that with the girls by having them donate the toys and clothes they don't play/wear  anymore and having the house feel less cluttered and lighter!
2. In line with the school search we have a Kindergarten Assessment tomorrow for little Ms. Em from 12-2:30pm . . . She just thinks she is going to a new class to play fora few hours, meanwhile I am an internal wreck: I can't handle my baby girl starting Kindergarten!!!!

3.  I am going to pick a few things from this awesome Etsy shop! The prices are great; I will let you know the quality when I get them.  I want some pillows and maybe a table runner . . . Look at the colors and patterns of these; she sells the pillows individually or in sets of 4 or 9 which I think is great because she does the mixing and matching of fabrics for you! . . . Oh and she just started jewelery . . I am loving the wood beads!

Ahem . . . a nice little Valentines present Mr. Hotpants


Can we just a take a minute to talk about how sizzling hot Beyonce was at the Grammy's!!!! I mean really!!!????  She has always been in great shape and looked stunning but something was just different at the Grammy's! She looked slimmer than she has in the past and really toned!  She was radiant in that white lace dress and the way her and Jay-Z look at each other!!! SO much love and soooo sweet! 

stock up

I had no idea that having a family of 4 with only two teeny extra bodies to feed would result is such an amazing amount of food!  Little Ms. E and I go grocery shopping every Saturday after I go to the gym.  We go to Trader Joe's because we eat mostly organic and natural and TJ's has the best prices prices for organic food.

This is our fridge after unpacking the groceries for 1 week (Sat-Sat). Lots of fruit and veg, chicken and salmon, tofu, yogurts, kefir and cheese for the girlies.

We love this Tuscan Italian dressing for salads and my hubby puts some over his chicken and broccoli lunches that he preps and takes to work.  The curry simmer sauce is amazing! Mr. Hotpants did veggie curry with this last week filled with bell peppers, cauliflower, broccoli, sugar snap peas and it was insane.
With two kids and a hubby who likes smoothies we go through a lot of fruit! 2 bunches of bananas, big bag of apples, 2 bags of avocados, lemons and limes (for our H2O), blood oranges, grapefruits, watermelon or pineapple, grapes, and 2 cartons each of strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and blueberries and we eat ALMOST all of that!!!

These are awesome.  My girls love love love these probiotic "drinkie yogurts" that come in 2 flavors: wildberry and strawberry.
We always have some regular potatoes on hand for homemade fries that Mr. Hotpants makes delicious! and a bag of sweet potatoes . . . I usually take a few to work on a Monday and have them as a snack or lunch through out the week
When all else fails and the girlies wont eat anything I don't mind letting them have a bowl of cereal because I know they are fortified with iron, minerals and vitamins, but we don't get any crazy sugary ones and the girls are perfectly fine with that.  We love any cereal from Barbara's and these organic corn flakes are my fav!  We also buy a few boxes of different granola bars.  They don't have any added preservatives, chemicals or crap in them and they are perfect for a snack on the go for everyone.  And lastly we usually buy 1-2 jars of organic unsalted PB a week!   We use it in shakes, the girls eat it with apples for a snack, I take to work with apples or celery as a snack . . . we love it!
There are some weeks that I get a little bored with the same TJ's selection and I think the girls do too so I head to the organic section in our local Vons or Pavilions!  And these are some favorites: EarthsBest mini waffles for the girls, Horizon organic strawberry milk, Quorn Vegetarian chicken nuggets (for little Ms. E and me), Alexia (products rock) frozen crinkle cut fries with sea salt, Back to Nature classic round crackers (Ritz crackers but healthier), some Tazo teas for the mister and me, Annie's Organic mac 'n' cheese and a big tub of Fage plain Greek yogurt that we all enjoy drizzled with some organic honey!


Hi peeps! Just popping in with an updated pic of our master bedroom! Loving the blue shams and can't wait to get my palm leaf ones back from my mama! 2014 is the year for this room ...we'll at least to be made presentable!!!!

Z Z Z z z z

Happy Friday Sweets

I am on the hunt for some nice comfortable classic PJ's . . . I have found a few that I love! Have any of you tried any of these ones?  Would love to know your thoughts before I take the plunge.

These 3 are from Marigot and I adore the prints!!! Like A L L of them

I am super sweet on these zebra print ones 

Can't go wrong with these classic ones from J. Crew on sale now!
and I love these Eberjey from Shopbop

in knots!

I have admired these glass knots for a while now.  They have been in so many decor magazines and on decor blogs so I was delighted when I walked into West Elm today on Beverly Blvd and found them on sale for $9.97 each! Had to get one in Hermes orange, one white and a multicolored one (reminds me of Missoni) . . . Can't wait to play around with them in the house! Sadly they are not on sale online?

Run, run, run

So I asked for this runner from Mama Santa this year and got it! I L O V E it sooooo much and such a great price for a runner $110!!  But it ended up not working for where I wanted it to go - master bathroom!

Our master bathroom is a weird shape and I want runner to go where our double sink is; I have tried two different ones because I love the look of a Moroccan shag rug in a bathroom but because our bathroom is all white the Moroccan ivory wool looks dingy, yellow and old in a not pretty way against the tile floor . . . . so I have been moving my runner around to see where she is prettiest. 

Right now I have her in our hallway, in front of our mirrored doors, in our bedroom . . . I like her there but I am thinking of trying her in the kitchen (Mr. Hotpants is not going to have this as he is the chef in the house BUT I will try!), and our hallway to the girls bedrooms!

What do you think?

For the bathroom I think I am going to try something more along these lines & colors . . . 

Oh I almost forgot . . . I bought a few of these doorstops for the house because some of our doors swing shut (cons of living in an earthquake state) . . . you can see one in the photo above at our bedroom door!  I am thinking of painting them either gold, white or a fun bright color!!! Thoughts???


So I am going to try and dedicate at least one blog post a week to health - whether it be about exercising, eating good, mental health, our girls health and food, or products that I love - I want to share anything that works for me and my family to get healthy! Knowledge is power and I love hearing what other mums and families are doing to get and stay healthy.

As always, at the beginning of every new year I have that feeling to start fresh, get new running shoes, make a new gym schedule, etc so to start his year I bought a few new things that I am loving.  I have heard such great things about "Beyond Yoga"the past year or so, so I decided to give it a try, and I am so glad I did! These are so incredibly comfortable, the pants don't roll down at the waist and the material is soft and cozy but sucks you in! My new fav brand!!  
Tank bought here

 Tights bought here

Home 2014 Upgrades

So . . . I have a few house goals for this year:

1. Organize/tweak the laundry room (shelf, hooks, hardware)
2. Master bedroom set up (bed-frame, credenza, lamps, art)
3. Dining room finished (chairs, rug, buffet, lighting)

Here is our laundry room currently. Please excuse the awful pics, very hard as it is so small.  There is not much we can do for the set up as it has 2 doors: one into the house and one into the garage.  

 Wall Paint - Benjamin Moore "Simply white"  . . . cabinets, doors and trim - Benjamin Moore "Super White"

My plans:

1. Add a custom shelf above the washer and dryer (right under the cabinets) for storage and to hide that water-hook-up thingy (which I need to paint white like the walls).  Was thinking of using this plain industrial bracket and spraying it gold/brass

2. Put brass hardware on the cabinets above washer/dryer and under sink . . . I am having a hard time finding the shape I want in brass so I may have to spray paint them like Jenny did here.  Here are a few I like:

3.  A hanging rack to hang the ironing board, broom, and mop (get rid of the eye-sore in pic 1) . . . perhaps to hang behind the door? Or moved out into garage? I will have to find one that fits the space and is not ugly.

4. And lastly I was thinking of adding some color by either painting the sink cabinets a charcoal grey? Or adding a bit of color (paint or wallpaper) on the wall behind the washer/dryer, where the shelf will be?  I will have to wait and see what it looks like with the shelf up.

I bought this for the laundry room to put between our washer and dryer (see above) ....... I got the 3 shelf one for $64 and I love that it adds extra storage to a small unused place.  It may become a "brass" cart one day; I haven't decided yet!

Traveling with 2 littles

So the last time we traveled with the girls was when Harper was 6mths old and didn't walk so it was relatively easy on the flight.  This time it was a little more "on-your-toes-constant-entertaining" during the flights with a 4, almost 5yr old (did absolutely fine - no bother at all) and a 2.5 yr old who did amazing but who definitely wanted to explore and was in constant motion/conversation the entire flight ( has no idea how to talk/sing with headsets on lol)

The flight to Philly was great 4hrs 50mins . . . the flight home to LA was L O N G . . . .we sat on the runway for about an hour before take off which made the total time sitting on the airplane 6hrs and 25mins . . . very hard for 2 little bottoms to stay put in a confined area! 

I wanted to list a few things that helped us . . . 

Numero Uno - this gadget was perfect for all our entertainment needs.  Both girls could watch the same movie/cartoon/game/music on the iPad or DVD player (we had both with us!!!) and it even has enough docks that Mr. Hotpants and I could have watched Beauty and the Beast 45 times with the girls too!

I also bought2 pairs of these headsets (they have different animals but there was no way I was up for that fight so we got 2 the exact same!)  . . . they were great and entertaining for them.

I could have gotten these but not as fun and now seeing how much they were thrown on the ground and stuffed in and out of bags I'm glad I opted for the cheaper ones! .... when they are older I will probably get the better ones : )

We have two of these and they were all packed to go the night before but at the last minute I changed my mind! I think they are amazing and cant wait to use them when the girls are a little older.  I'm so glad we didn't take them because it would have been two more things we would have ended up carrying! And they are hard cases so not the easiest "throw-on-your-back" backpack carrying . . . . I think when the girls are 4 and 6 these will be great! But our 2yr old would have left this all over the airport! 

This is the best ipad case! It really protects the iPad; trust me ours was thrown around, dropped, dragged, watched on the airplane floor (don't judge anything to keep them from going crazy 30,000 miles up!) 

The other thing I did was hit up the $1 aisle at Target before we left (without the girls so as it would be a surprise on the plane) and bought each of them a new coloring book, markers/crayons, mini play-doh set, fun socks, sticker pack and new "lipstick" (Chapstick) and put them all in a cute little pencil bag.  I also bought some new fun healthy (natural & organic) snacks for the plane - fruit snacks, granola bars, crackers, squeezy veggie pouches) and packed each girlie a little lunch bag in their backpack too!   

Do you have any tips on traveling with littles? I would love to hear about them!
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