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Mama Onesies

I have been drawn to one piece swimsuits the last few years because frankly they are just rad and sexy; I haven't bought one yet but I think these ASOS beauties may just change that for this summer . . . what do you think sexy or grandma-y?

the white parts are sheer netting! 

  timeless classic

Just fun!

love this but the tanlines???

total 70's Farrah Fawcett --- yes!!!!

I thought this would even look great with a full length maxi skirt or skinny jeans and heels!!! love the bodice

another super fun one but again those tanlines . . .

Mama Moments

When you have kids there are so many tiny fleeting moments that you want to etch into the walls of your brain to have forever but it is so hard with everyday life rushing by to stop and mentally jot them down or even physically write them down in a journal.  But they are so pure, so honest, so raw and most of the time hilarious that you want to savor them and keep them so you can re-live them once the littles are grown and smile and laugh at the joy they bring you. 

I decided to force myself to stop and take note of these moments so I'm going to start a series called "Mama Moments" to share some of these little conversations, the little everyday "if's" and "but's" with you.

To set the stage this was a few weeks ago; it was a particularly long hard week, I had (have) a really sore (pinched nerve?) neck and I was exhausted because both girls were sick and had been up a few nights in a row.  The girlies were in the bath but they were arguing over everything and anything and I kept having to go in and out and diffuse (maybe yell a little) to get them to stop bickering, poking, splashing each other.  

Later when I was reading books to little Ms. E in her bed this conversation took place:

E: "Mama, I just want to say I'm sorry"

Me: "For what? You haven't done anything"

E: "Well I just want to be honest; I was saying something not nice in the bath.  I was saying "you're such a pain in the butt, you're such a pain in the butt"

Me: "Well, that was not a nice thing to say to your little sister (Harper) but thank you for telling me and being honest"

E: "I wasn't saying it to Harper, I was saying it to you"

Me: "Oh"

Her honesty, innocence and pureness had me, and the content just made me laugh out loud I couldn't help it.  It was a mama moment . . . a favorite one at that.

ebay finds ....

I love good jeans but honestly I'd rather spend $200 on shoes, sunglasses, a maxi dress or home decor things, so my secret is ebay! I try on the jeans that I want in a dept store or boutique (super easy seen as my office is smack dab in the middle of the Beverly Center and Robertson Blvd) then I scour ebay for those exact ones!  Here are my two most recent finds
Genetic Denim distressed skinnies (similar style here) . . . got them on ebay for $26 including the shipping! 

booties/ebay genetic denim jeans/Target blouse (old)

BTW I got a photo timer app (TimerCam *free*) that is easy to use so no more horrible selfies just weird posed alone pics now . . . lol 

My next find Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans (here and here) . . I got mine for $39 on ebay; I have wanted a pair of these for a while now, I believe I may live in them!?

Michael Stars t-shirt/F21 heels (old)/Current/Elliot "The Boyfriend "Loved" jeans/Vintage Gucci belt (ebay)

oh yes . . .

Pretty sure this is happening!  I got the Craigslist retro metal chairs and love them! ($120 for all 6 chairs . . . yes please!)

We already have two of these gorgeous pink wingback chairs, so I am spraying the metal frames of the CL chairs gold and I am really feeling this Ikea fabric for them!  I think it will hide stains ketchup and paint stains well! 

What do you think???


I want this in our back yard . . . like TODAY; live peacock and all!

new designer crush

I need to thank my girl, Mrs Bouw for turning me  on to this amazing designer.  There are so many beautiful things on this site and the sale is amazing . . . I have been eyeing a few of these for the past few days; I may NEED some of these for summer (the sale prices are amazeballs!)

 I love this blazer for Spring!!! Comes in the fushia color too

Some of the winter sale peices are RAD!!!

He did it again!

Nate Berkus just keeps rockin it!!! His new Spring 2014 collection is NO exception ... I need that pillow and that hexagonal side table!!! and those lamps . . . Le sigh!

on the home front

So in my continual quest to find dining chairs I love at a reasonable price point . . . I have found some choices and I would love your input!!!!!  I would prefer no fabric because we have too many little sticky fingers and markers around for fabric but the CL ones could be recovered in a vinyl!!???

These insanely beautiful new Ikea beauties . . . $89 each!!!!

Craigslist find . . . . love the retro feel of these!  Spray paint the metal frames gold and re-upholster the black fabric into some thing fresh, fun and kid friendly!

or the classic white chiavari chair (without the cushion) . . .  I can get a great price and probably fit 8 chairs instead of 6 at the table.

So what are your thoughts people!!

the weekend

We had a busy but fun weekend; celebrated a 5th birthday, then my mums birthday, Mr. Hotpants brewed some beer and the girls are a little under the weather so we painted outside and took baths!

I picked up these sweet sweet flannel sheets on sale ($17/twin set) at Target . . . thank you to my lil sister for letting me know!
 I also picked up these sweet D.L. & Co matches from Kitson last Friday . . . just in time to light the candles on Valentines night
I kinda valentine gifted myself this new perfume!!!! and ALL I have to say is "buy this now"

 Picked up some pretty flowers for the house . . . love the color of these pink ones! and the tulips look fantastic at at our entry with my orange glass knot!

 The weekend did consist of a whole lot of this too . . . poor baby girls!

Just a quick shot of one of my favorites pieces in our house.  This was an iphone pic I took of a famous LA graffiti artists work that was on the side of Jerry's Deli in LA . . . I blew it up and put it on a canvas . . . so sweet

 And I just wanted to show you my pride and joy . . . my fiddle fig is doing great! She has grown almost a foot since I got her and she loves her little sunny corner . . . very proud of myself on this one!

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