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Catching my breath

It's been a busy few weeks . . . I cant believe May is almost over?! Honestly the last I remember it was April!!! We have had birthdays, polls parties, beach days, ER visits, stay-cations . . . whew!!!  I was going through my iPhone and thought I'd share some snip-its of the past few weeks . . . if you follow me on Instagram (here) you may have seen some of these already.

 Little Ms. E was so excited to get her first trophy at her last soccer game!

 This was the night I spent in the ER with little Ms. H.  She was such a champ.  She hit her head and vomited so we had to get a CT (brain) scan . . . . so hard to go through, but everything came out OK

 On the home front - I got my large prints made (Costco) and now I am just looking to make some plexiglass flat frames with brass bolts 

The rug came and she is beautiful; although she almost broke my vacuum twice (sheds a ton at first) . . . I still haven't moved her into the living room yet as I need to get the rug pad.

 On Memorial Day weekend we did a little staycation with the girls at a hotel we frequent  locally (although I was on 3 antibiotics ugh) . . . it was fun!  they swam, we made smores, played table tennis and Ms. H loved these big chess pieces

 The next day we headed to my dad's house, Papa, and spent the day at the beach/tide-pools . . . it was beautiful!

the water was freezing though

 My pretties finally came from SheInside and they are so fun!  I had not ordered from them before so didn't know what to expect.  They are not well made and the fabric is not great quality but for $20 each I wasn't expecting much.  They will do just fine for brightening up my summer wardrobe. 


I am feeling a little under the weather (ear infection and cold) heading into this busy holiday weekend but hopefully I will start to feel better soon because I want to enjoy these 3 days with my littles and Mr. Hotpants.

On a different note did anyone else get this email in their inbox?  West Elm is now offering installation services! This may actually be cheaper than a handy man . . . . and do a gallery wall?! Yes please that has always seemed like such a headache to me!!!  I'm keeping this in mind for a few projects I may have this year.

Food for Thought!

So to say weekdays are a little busy in our abode is an understatement. Mr. Hotpants and I both work full-time in Los Angeles & commute about 50 miles each way to work 5 days a week!  Mr. Hotpants manages his two private practices, is doing his doctorate and getting his Master's in Brewing degree phew . . .  and I have an ever-changing, challenging career that keeps me on my toes and happy.  We have our 2 beautiful girlies that are lovingly taken care of by our amazing life-changing nanny, Coco, but as soon as we hit our front door it is like a circus of excitement and the girls want to share every little detail of their day with mama and dada! . . . needless to say in order for us to eat somewhat healthy, spend some quality time with our girls and not stand over the stove for 2hrs each night we have found some wonderful dishes that help us . . . mainly from Trader Joe's!

They are all in their frozen section. While frozen foods (vegetables) are still second to fresh veggies, they are still packed with nutrients.  All of these can be microwaved but I use the stove-top because I am not a fan of microwaving food.  These are all fairly healthy, low in fat and sodium, easy to make on the stove, and pretty darn yummy! We usually do a mix of 2-3 salad nights and 2-3 pasta nights then the weekends are all about the BBQ and margaritas!!!! And for BBQ nights, Mr. Hotpants is all about fresh veggies, organic meats and yummy homemade grub!

Meals: Penne Arrabbiata, Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina, Mushroom Ravioli

Salads/Vegetables: Kale/brussel sprout salad mix (Costco), Sugar snap peas (add to salads and for snacks - my girls LOVE them), Mixed broccoli & cauliflower bags (we get 3 bags/wk)

Side Dishes: Spelt Risotto (veggies & Chickpeas), Melodious Blend (lentils, garbanzo beans), Chimichurri Rice (Peruvian rice with vegs), Roasted butternut squash risotto

We usually have the salad or side dishes with a protein (veggie burger for me, chicken breast for Mr. Hotpants or soy nuggets).  And with the actual meals on top the Penne arrabbiata I usually add spicy Italian soy sausages and fresh broccoli/cauliflower to it.  My littlest one LOVES the gnocchi, Peruvian rice and the butternut squash risotto! 

The reason I love getting these at Trader Joe's is because I can read and pronounce ALL the ingredients that are in them (no weird chemicals, preservatives or colorings)

Mood board - Living Room 2014

Happy Friday everyone . . . it's finally all coming together!  The rug should arrive today and I have been playing around with pillow combinations to see what I like best.  This is obviously not to scale and our sectional is a lot longer than this one so it wont look as pillow-crowded  . . . but I think this may be my winning combo! Thoughts?

spiderlamp, pillows - various etsy sellers, rug -this one pictured is West Elm (I got mine at RugsUSA)

Let's get a handle on it!

So now that I have my lovely all set in her comfortable spot in our home she needs a little glamour in her life! Look at her! She is begging for some! . . . and I may have just found the absolute perfect baubles for her! 

Introducing the West Elm Agate Handle collection!  But what color do I go with? Thoughts!

This room below from Hillary Thomas has resonated with me for years now . . . I am drawn to the over-sized prints of the children . . . I'm using this as inspiration to hang something similar over my lovely credenza above . . . 

Common denominator?

What is the same in all these beautiful interiors? 

You guessed it .... the West Elm Souk rug of awesomeness!!!!   I have been in love with this rug/look for probably 3 years now.  Problem was the 8x10 rug from West Elm is $899 and never goes on sale and the look-a-like RugsUSA 8x10 is also $837 . . . BUT RugsUSA do run sales and they ran the most amazing Mothers Day sale on this rug and I got 60% off!!!!! The most I have seen it go on sale for was 20% a while back . . . so with my last bit of birthday money I got this beauty for $330 and it should be here in a few days . . . I cannot explain my excitement!

When we moved into our new home we needed rugs in EVERY single room as we installed hardwood throughout the whole house (tile in bathrooms.)    So I scoured Homegoods, Target and RugsUSA for affordable chic options and I LOVE all the ones we found.  The only problem was that the one we found for the living room had mainly red tones and was a warm color palette.  Once we got our new grey sectional in the room all I wanted was a cool light tone to the room with whites, greys and blues.  

Here is the room now . . . (pic taken a while ago on old iPhone) . . .

Can you imagine how light and bright and gorgeous it will look like with the new rug!!! and a few of these pillows . . . I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited . . . I'm slowly creating my dream home!


Becoming a mum has to be life's biggest challenge, blessing, puzzle, reward, frustration, and wonderment.  It baffles me how we are able to make an actual person, carry them inside our own bodies then give birth to them and love them with every cell in our bodies.  It is a level of love and primal instinct that you can never know in your lifetime unless you have a child.  And I truly believe it doesn't not matter how you get your beautiful child, be it conception, adoption, surrogate . . . however the miracle happens for you . . . . but when that baby is put in your arms and you are told that YOU, and only YOU, are its mother . . . WOW, I mean WOW.

Now that I am a mother I feel as though the world, the heavens, the secrets to life have been opened to me.  To feel what I feel is on a level I never even knew existed nor could I have even tired to imagine the depth of it.  N O T H I N G     C O M P A R E S 

Now, and only now, can I understand the depth and truth to my own mum's unconditional love for me.  She loves me SOOOOOOOOO much, and while I knew that as a kid, knowing it as a mother now is like a light-bulb going off.  She loves me like I love my girls!  It's mind blowing to know that I am loved in that capacity.  She loves me with every cell in her body, with every breath she takes, I am made of her . . . . and she is absolutely the most beautiful person I know.  Happy Mother's Day Mum . . . . I love you to Scotland and back for infinity!

 9mths pregnant with my 2nd, little Ms. Harper 

 My baby girl, little Ms. E, at 21mths

 Photos by the awesome Jylare


So I ordered a few things recently . . . and I'm patiently waiting for them because they are all so fun!!!

From F21 I ordered these beauties.  I have been looking for a good tan/nude sandal and I think these will be great for the summer.

From Piperlime, who has an insane "Sale" section, I got these two shift tops . . . . perforated vegan leather yes! for $17 yes! and chevron!!!! 

And from SheInside these spectacular beauties . . . I have not ordered from this site before but for $20 a dress I was more than willing to try it out! I will let you know the quality when I get them.  The 2nd dress reminds me of the Clover Canyon neoprene dresses that are so haute right now! And the first is reminds me of Mara Hoffman's summer dresses

In my cart

so you all know by now that I  love me some F21 finds especially for trendy pieces . . . These pretties are sitting in my cart right now. what do you think?

This dress above actually fell into my bag yesterday and came home with me! It's awesome . . . flowy, flirty, full,  comfortable and great length (I got the XS)
love the lace detail on the back of this simple black maxi

this is such a steal and such a great alternative to the Isabel Marant one that I was drooling over (below - no longer available)

and they have it in mini-me sizes!!! might have to get one for the littles and me . . cheesy matching mum pics here we come!!
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