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Long Sleeves!

I picked up some Fall pieces at F21 yesterday even though SoCal will probably never get below 75 anytime soon!!!  The store was filled with gorgeous sweaters, cardigans, knits and coats . . . and the colors/patterns are awesome: peach, creams, greys, florals, stripes, gem-colors . . .

I also picked up this fab lightweight sweater from H&M . . . exactly like a Vince one I saw a few weeks ago but only $19 . . .

setting the mood

One of the things we did when we moved into our house 2 yrs ago (feels like yesterday) was install recessed lighting throughout the house and what a difference it made!  I knew I would want some pendant lights or vintage fixtures hung one day so we had some spots wired for that too . . . well that day has come! I am itching to put up some new fun lighting in a few spots in our house.

The first spot is in our entry way. . . it still has the 3 pendant lights that were there when we moved in.

I have thought about spraying the existing ones a fun color but I am also thinking three of either one of these may look sharp too! 

Possibly spray them a fun color like this red!

The next spot is this area . . . I would love to hang sconces on either side of the photos!

And I am loving some of these choices . . .

Any thoughts?

Falling for . . . Fall Fashion

Old Navy is killing it in the little girls shoe department . . . I am definitely ordering some of these now because I waited too long last year and had the hardest time finding my girls cute boots when I needed them!!!

Love me a Friday!

Happy Friday Everyone!!! Boy do I NEED this Friday; I am pooped! Been a busy week at work with some new training and I feel like I am fighting off a cold!  But this weekend all we have planned is a soccer game for little Ms. E and that's it.

I plan on watching some movies with the girlies and Mr. Hotpants, starting a book!!!!! (I haven't read anything in 2yrs), and possibly start my Fall purge where I go through all the girls toys and clothes and donate, store or move to little sis's room . . . makes me feel so good to enter the Holiday season this way!  Oh and we are going to the Bank to open little Ms. E's first savings account! The tooth Fairy came you know so now we have some dollars to save!!!  Excited to start her financial awareness and knowledge at this age!

Anyhoo this week a few things have caught my fancy . . . 

This jewelry designers stuff is wonderfully feminine and edgy (here). . . I love everything on her site but this little ring made me smile . . . 

Great ring stack . . . love them all together!

I haven't smelled these yet but they look and sound amazing (here) . . . love that it is made from recycled wine bottles; my kind of candle! I might have to order one to see how it is!

This boot (here) is calling my name!!!! I love a peep-toe anything! 

These Steven Madden shoes (here) are also pulling at my heart strings! Such a great price!!!

We have started planning our Annual Halloween Party and these are the "Save the Dates" I emailed out (I love Paperless Post!)  . . . We do a very fun, cute, kid-friendly party.  Absolutely NO scary costumes or masks, no inappropriate costumes . . . just good clean kid fun . . . I'll be sharing details leading up to it!

Have a Great Weekend


I found that now that i have kids, and that I'm getting older and that i can now vote in the US (I was born and bred in Scotland) I want to know what is going on in the works and in my hood.  But I hate watching the news because it seems to be filled with scary images and horrific stories and I don't have the time to read any sort of lengthy newspaper (paper or online) these days so . . . 

meet theSkimm . . . "theSkimm is the daily e-mail newsletter that gives you everything you need to start your day. We do the reading for you - across subject lines and party lines - and break it down with fresh editorial content." 

I LOVE it.  It is short, sweet and to the point and makes me feel connected to the "real" world.  Read how and why it was started here!  Such great girl power!  You just subscribe with your email address and then you get a daily email with the perfect amount of reading that I can do while stopped at traffic lights or while drinking my morning coffee.  Gives you all the politically-unbiased facts on the big happenings around the world and in the US.

Subscribe today . . . I promise you won't be sorry!

Life on Fast Forward

Phew . . . I am guessing everyone else feels the same at this time of year?  This past month has felt like it went by in one week, right?  Life just seemed to get REAL this September as both girlies are in school now; one Kindergartner and one in the "big-girl" class at pre-school (3yr old class ha ha ha).  So many "meet-the-teacher" sessions, earthquake kits, backpacks & lunchboxes, and back-to-school nights going on . . . as a rookie-mum to "school-school" (preschool is chill compared to real school) I feel like a fish-out-of-water a little. 

Not to mention that "my" students started their New Student Orientation the exact same day as my little Ms. Em's first day of Kinder!  For those of you who may not know, I am a full-time working mama at a well-known LA Medical Center, on the Research side, running a Biomedical Graduate Program.  And the trifecta was that as all these were starting, Mr. Hotpants was going through finals with his school(s) . . . so there you have it in a nutshell; why my fingers have had no time to touch the keyboard nor has my brain had any cohesive thoughts for a few weeks!

 Their bond is getting sweeter everyday!

Alright, moving on from the madness . . . Some thoughts on this Friday . . . How great is this bag for Fall (get here)?  It comes in 4 great colors (I love the grey & navy) and is a great size for mama's like me,  that will be trekking to soccer games with tons of stuff in tow.

I found this fabulous mama on Instagram (here) and I am such a fan of her style I just had to share! Her name is Shalice Noel (blog here) and she is a stylist and a mama of FOUR!!!! I don't know how she manages to look this FAB all the time and wrangle four little people and a dog!! Check out her style . . . 


These shoes are Fantabulous . . . ( get them here on sale!!!!)

I leave you with the wise words of a legend that always makes me feel good, goofy and young! Happy Friday peeps!

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