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splurge vs steal Friday

So I L O V E all things Isabel Marant, both her high end line and her lower end, Etoile line.  But for the most part her pieces are not always in my budget (although the Etoile line is a lot more affordable).  I came across this top (here) and skirt (here) that I really love but both the top and skirt are $290 each making the outfit about $600 total  . . .

 or the dress version (here) is $365

So I looked into alternative options and look what I found . . . for $28 at Forever 21 (here)

I also am in love with her new tassel sandals  . . . but sadly they are $895 (here)

So I looked for a similar look but it was hard to find anything really close to it but I did find these (here) for $79

I have also loved these Holden slides for the past 2yrs (here) but they are still $495 

and I just found a great alternative at  Urban outfitters (here) for $79

a lil project

I want to spruce up our laundry room but I'm feeling like a coat of paint won't do it for me.

So I am thinking . . . wallpaper it!  It is a tiny room (with no windows) so I will only need a roll or so . . . . I have been browsing and found some pretties

These are all from Urban Outfitters and are $68/roll 

These are from Anthropologie and range from $148-198/roll

and these are from various etsy sellers 

As you can see I'm not sure which look I want yet! Floral or geometric!!!! Thoughts????

the project continues

It is no secret that I adore Amber, and her work, from Amber Interiors design (here).  So imagine my delight when she posted this fabulous "Get the Look" on her blog last Monday with my new West Elm bed-frame included!!!! This is so close to the look I am going for!  I have gold mirrors already that are pretty much the same shape as those fab black ones below!

My hand-dyed indigo fabric for the benches arrived from Thailand last week and I am so excited to get them covered!  The fabric is exactly what I wanted.

Bench from Target (here), fabric from eBay

And right before I saw Amber's post I ordered these glass lamp bases in clear glass from Target too!  I just need to get the shades for them . . . I want white linen.

I just need to figure out the nightstands (I am currently scouring Craigslist and eBay for a mid-century similar to the ones above), the rug situation and a credenza/shelving unit for the opposite wall.

my heart outside my body

On Saturday night, right before bed, my little Ms. Emerson came to me and said "I need you to help me write something but you just have to write it and not imagine who it is for.  Okay? You promise not to think who it is for, okay?"  I said of course I would like to help her.  She is starting to read and write on her own so she likes to have us write something out for her then she copies it onto her book, drawing etc . . . She was making us another Valentine card.

So as I sat there at the breakfast bar with her and she recited these words for me to write down for her, my heart bursting, my breath caught and tears filled my eyes . . . 

"Write this for me mummy"  . . . how beautiful and honest are her words?  So unconditional.

And as she spoke these words and I wrote them down, I could barely see through my watering eyes and my hand shook a little . . . I never knew the depths of a mothers love until these two little people came into my life.  And I am so eternally grateful that I get to be loved by these little girls with such enthusiasm, vigor and unrelenting trust.

Her choice of words blew me away.  The memory of sitting there with her writing these will NEVER leave me . . . never ever ever . . . it was so beautiful.

Hello Monday

We had a great little weekend despite the fact that it was filled with horrible sore throats, throw up, sleepless nights, neon green snot and fevers!  Yes we are all sick, except Mr. Hotpants, he is holding out on us.  I was able to spend my Friday off with my littles; I went to a Jog-a-thon for little Ms. E at her school! She was awesome but definitely felt sore in her legs the day after ... poor little thing had never felt muscle pain like that : (

I got a deliciously-relaxing blow-out at Dry Lounge and was able to do a little boutique shopping for my mum's birthday gift then we got to celebrate Granma at a dinner with all the kiddos Friday night.

 Love the new layers that my mum cut too; so much more body and volume! Awesome having a hairdresser as a mum
Granma got all her grandkiddos to share her birthday cake with . . . this is a motley crew! Going to be a wild group of teenagers one day 

Valentines day was nice and low-key.  I had to sleep Friday night on the floor with little Ms. E in the living room with a waterproof picnic blanket and bucket : ( . . . she was coughing so hard, crying and couldn't breath that she ended up throwing up.  Poor little thing was miserable and my back hurt oh so bad the next day!


The Valentine Fairy came and saved the Saturday . . . daddy made pancakes, we hung out in the backyard all morning/afternoon playing with bubbles, chalk and hosing off all the girls scooters and stuff  . . . then we had an impromptu Valentine BBQ with my sister, B-I-L and sweet niece.

 Pretty much where we hung out on Saturday till about 3pm! It was beautiful . . . and can't wait to add to this backyard this summer (think gauzy curtains, more plants, citrus trees, and a gray jacuzzi (Still need to paint))

And as if Mr. Hotpants is not already the most amazing daddy and husband on the planet; he bought these beautiful little necklaces for the girls all by himself . . . and gave them each to the girls with a bunch of pink and red roses each.  Love that he is showing them (and not only on Valentines) how a man should treat them - with love, respect, and as equals.

 And again since Mr. Hotpants is a "good one" and reads my blog I got this amazing clutch that I was lusting over (blog post here) . . . it is beautiful in person! And all handmade in California

And as on most days, there was lots and lots of singing, dancing and Broadway performances that went on this weekend . . . there was even a fashion show that took place using my new, and insanely amazing, yoga mat as the runway (you will not slip anymore! - buy here)

 My Payless $4.50 sandals came and they are awesome! Seriously they feel like you are walking on air! I got them in black and white (still on sale - buy here) (jeans - Rag & Bone, top - F21)

And lastly . . . although it may not seem that many to others I am so thrilled to have reached 500 followers on Instagram!  I love all my blog and IG mama-friends.  THANK you for following along (I need to thank Freckles Chick for giving me IG tips!)


Happy Friday Peeps!  I just ordered these slides in black and white (here); because it was BOGO (buy one get 50% of the other) I got one pair for $20 and the other for $4.50 . . . You can't beat that for a few extra pairs of summer sandals!!!

Especially when all the versions below cost a lot more! (all from Barney's website)

Marni $570

Isabel Marant $495 (I love these)

Isabel Marant $650

Ancient Greek $270

Stuart Weitzman $298

Vince $195

We are mums . . . this is beautiful

I read this the other day and had to share . . .

The Most Powerful thing you can say to another Mum
  via here 

A few weeks ago, one of my dearest friends lost her 21-month-old daughter forever when the sweet baby girl died unexpectedly and suddenly. My friend and I live on opposite sides of the country, so I took a trip to visit her for this past weekend. Admittedly, I was a nervous wreck about what I was going to say to her and her husband. How was I going to find the words to comfort them? How would I avoid saying the wrong things? I wanted to find perfect words, and, as I am a writer, words happen to be one of the few ways I truly know how to express myself.

Except I was at a complete loss over her loss. Having two healthy children at home, I felt I couldn't truly relate to her pain, so how on earth was I going to be able to comfort her during a situation that I have very little experience in? Armed with a pocket full of Bible verses and a slough of rehearsed things to say, I walked into her home and could never in a million years have foreseen the life-altering and powerful words that would be spoken between us during our time together. Except the words came from her, to me.

From her. To me.

That's right. My friend, who at this point is proving to be one of the strongest people I know, said something during her time of grief that will forever hold a spot in my heart. It was a phrase so simple, yet it has hit a chord deep inside of me. As she was describing the events leading up to the death of her daughter, she tried to express to me her complete heartbreak as she held her sweet child in the hospital during the minutes and hours after she died. Describing the time only as her worst nightmare, she said to me with tears rolling down her face, "You're a mom, you know."

You're a mom, you know.

This phrase took my breath away — as well as any composure that I had managed to keep together up until then. Because it was at that point, with that phrase, that I was able to start to understand the magnitude of her sorrow. Sure, I was completely heartbroken for her before, as death is difficult for anyone. But I'll admit that I didn't fully understand my role as her friend or as a fellow mom. See, all this time I had been looking in the wrong places for the perfect thing to say to her while I should have just looked at our simplest bond: motherhood. And while I have not experienced the pain that comes along with losing a child, I do understand the joy that she once experienced from holding her child. And to lose that? There are no words
Except maybe "I'm a mom, I know."

Losing a child is every mom's worst fear — no matter who you are or what kind of mom you choose to be. In the days since, I've been keeping this simple thought in mind when relating myself to other mommies. Sure, we all have our different ways of mothering and raising our families, but we do have one thing in common: our hearts are directly connected to our children. It makes the whole mommy wars thing seem, well, totally ridiculous.

You're a mom, you know.

So as I went with my own mom, who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, to her radiation treatment, I glanced over at the young mother of a small boy in the waiting room. He was maybe 3 years old (though it's hard to tell because he was so tiny). He sported a colorful Superman cape and a bland hospital mask as he sat cradled in his mom's arms. She said something quietly to him. My heart stopped. This mom ached for that mom. And the tears started to fall from my eyes despite me not knowing her one bit. Despite me only sitting in the waiting room for maybe 30 seconds. Despite my own mom sitting next to me about to have her own radiation treatment. This is crazy, I thought. I don't even know this woman.

But what I do know is that I'm a mom.

And later I was getting dinner at a takeout restaurant, and one of the employees was on the phone in the restroom. She was struggling to find a babysitter for her child while she finished her late shift. She was frantic. She was upset. She was mad. My heart skipped another beat, and the tears welled up in my eyes once again.

I know, I'm a mom.

As I went back to my mom's house, heartbroken over my friend's loss, my mother was trying to comfort me. Asking if I was OK. Me! She was the one going through radiation, I should be comforting her. And then it dawned on me as to why she was so worried about how I was doing.

She knows, she's a mom.

And on the plane on the ride home there was a new mom standing with her infant son nearly the whole four-and-a-half-hour flight because if she attempted to sit down, he wailed. She looked exhausted and frustrated. She checked her watch frequently, but she also kept on task all while kissing on his little bald head.

I know, I'm a mom.

See, it's a thread that unites us all. Helicopter moms. Free-range moms. Breastfeeding moms. Formula-feeding moms. Rich moms. Poor moms. Moms of sick kids. Moms of healthy kids. Moms. The crazy, heart-stopping love that we feel for our children runs deep through each and every one of us as moms.

And this knowledge is painful at times. It's why every sappy commercial brings us to tears. It's why we can't watch the news. It's why we get in the car and cry after we drop our kids off to their first day of school. It's why food allergies are terrifying. It's why our hearts ache when we hear about miscarriage or fertility problems. It's why we are up at night worrying about our teens. It's why the thought of our children eventually leaving the nest makes us weep into our coffee. It's why the death of another mother's child is so utterly heartbreaking . . .

It's also why we should always provide a blanket of support to all fellow moms. Not only to those who are suffering through the unimaginable pain of losing a child, but also to those mamas going through plain ol' rough times . . . and even those moms who are just having one of those days. Hug her, and if you are struggling to find the right words, all you may really need to say is, "I know, I'm a mom."

But you probably already know this. After all, you're a mom.

the way to my heart

I'm not a big mushy Valentines person . . . I love all year round!  Maybe it is because I'm not super into all the traditional "romantical" things - red roses, chocolates, diamonds, bubble baths, candles . . . kind of boring if you ask me . . . not to say it isn't special and thoughtful if that happens but if you want to make me swoon and win my heart a hundred times over . . . these are the sorts of things that would do it!

1. A sweet set of stacking rings (here)

2. These simple plant stands (here)

3. A ring with ties to my heart . . . I would love two stackable rings with the girls names!!! love (here)

4. A gorgeous unique clutch (here)

5. The ultimate luxury linen duvet for our new bed!!! ** swoon ** (here in white)

6. A fantastic maxi dress (here on sale!)

7. The perfect accent throw . . . love the pom-poms! (here)

Great Weekend

We had a great little weekend . . . First we went out for a fun little Duffy boat ride with Papa in Newport Beach on Saturday . . . it was the girls first Duffy ride and they loved it!  Picnic lunch, music and seal watching!

Once we finished the duffy ride we headed to the backbay to play for a litttle while before heading to happy hour . . . 

We ended the night with Happy Hour at one of our new fav little spots "Back Bay Tavern" . . . great happy hour, cozy outdoor sofas and the girls love the peanut butter sandwiches!  We take their Kindle Fires so they can have some fun while Mr. Hotpants and I try some of the new beers (and Prosecco!)

Then on Sunday, while Mr. Hotpants was cooking up some delicious Superbowl yummies and watching the game, my mum, my sister, my niece, me and the girls all went to see the play of one of our favorite books "Harold and the Purple Crayon" (buy here) . . . great story for the imagination!

It was a lot of fun and a great way to introduce the girls to theater and live performances (theater group here) (other than Disney on Ice) . . . can't wait till they are a little older and not as scared of scary characters to go to more Broadway productions!  Definitely will be going to the Nutcracker next Christmas.    And to top it off we made it back in time to watch the half-time show, see who won the game and have a few cocktails!

Hope yours was lovely too

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