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On Saturday night, right before bed, my little Ms. Emerson came to me and said "I need you to help me write something but you just have to write it and not imagine who it is for.  Okay? You promise not to think who it is for, okay?"  I said of course I would like to help her.  She is starting to read and write on her own so she likes to have us write something out for her then she copies it onto her book, drawing etc . . . She was making us another Valentine card.

So as I sat there at the breakfast bar with her and she recited these words for me to write down for her, my heart bursting, my breath caught and tears filled my eyes . . . 

"Write this for me mummy"  . . . how beautiful and honest are her words?  So unconditional.

And as she spoke these words and I wrote them down, I could barely see through my watering eyes and my hand shook a little . . . I never knew the depths of a mothers love until these two little people came into my life.  And I am so eternally grateful that I get to be loved by these little girls with such enthusiasm, vigor and unrelenting trust.

Her choice of words blew me away.  The memory of sitting there with her writing these will NEVER leave me . . . never ever ever . . . it was so beautiful.

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