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the way to my heart

I'm not a big mushy Valentines person . . . I love all year round!  Maybe it is because I'm not super into all the traditional "romantical" things - red roses, chocolates, diamonds, bubble baths, candles . . . kind of boring if you ask me . . . not to say it isn't special and thoughtful if that happens but if you want to make me swoon and win my heart a hundred times over . . . these are the sorts of things that would do it!

1. A sweet set of stacking rings (here)

2. These simple plant stands (here)

3. A ring with ties to my heart . . . I would love two stackable rings with the girls names!!! love (here)

4. A gorgeous unique clutch (here)

5. The ultimate luxury linen duvet for our new bed!!! ** swoon ** (here in white)

6. A fantastic maxi dress (here on sale!)

7. The perfect accent throw . . . love the pom-poms! (here)

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  1. Great choices. Im loving those planters and that dress.



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