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Crazy March

March is always a crazy month for us with 4 birthdays in the family . . . Little Ms. E, Mr. Hotpants, my sister, and my niece.  However this March my personal busy month has coincided with a crazy busy professional month too; I have 3 major work events!!! Oh and this is no ordinary birthday for the Mr. Hotpants . . . oh no, he is the big 4 O . . . which calls for some major planning ;)

I think a lot of deep breathing, Piyo and wine should help me through it.

We are also busy with the girls as they started swim lessons twice a week and soccer season started too with practices and games!

I thought I would share a few weekend photos of little Ms. E's 6th Birthday party that we held at Color Me Mine; a paint your own pottery studio (here).  It was great and the girls really enjoyed it. 

As you can tell we have a little bit of a "tiger-theme" going on here . . . Emerson was inspired (obsessed) with everything being "tiger" like Katy Perry's "Roar" song . . . The "eye of the tiger" song from the Superbowl half-time show is a real favorite of Emersons.  She and Mr. Hotpants made and decorated these awesome tiger-striped cupcakes! I got some party bags and filled them with art supplies, Melissa & Doug crafts and some other "tiger" goodies all from my trusty Amazon (here, here, here & here)

Onto our first soccer game of the season for the "Little Mermaids" (that is their team name this year).  Little Ms. E scored a goal and did some great assisting but man was it hot for a March game!  Poor little thing was so tired.  But while sister is having a fun time playing soccer games are not much fun for this sweet-pea who just wants to run around (and away) from everyone and go to the nearest park . . . Love her face!

Emerson got some great gifts that I wanted to share too . . . . We got her this awesome Melissa & Doug lemonade/Grocery Store stand (here).  It is super easy to build and is so cute in person.  It can double as a Grocery store too and you can fill the green bins with fake groceries!  Needless to say we had to set up shop immediately . . . they made $7.75

Emerson just started getting into Lego's and she really is great at it . . . she got these two sets that she is having a blast with (Ariel's Palace (here) & the Pony Farm (here))

She got this cute little card game that we still have to open but Emerson is so excited to learn how to play it! (here)

Oh and we got some amazing clothes, sandals and swimsuits for the summer that I can wait to have her try on!

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